An e-learning platform is an intuitive in which there are many functionalities to optimize time and save money for schools. Educational platforms have different modules that allow responding to management needs of schools. This technological software provides shared work spaces to facilitate the exchange of content, chats, and emails. Below is a list of advantages that will allow you to know why it’s important to have an e-learning platform in your center.

e-learning platform


#1 Save time

Teachers invest many hours a week in creating, collecting, and copying sheets of activities and tasks for their students. Much of that time can be saved if the teacher transfers these activities to an e-learning platform where the student can easily find all the contents of the subject in an orderly and structured manner.


#2 Save money

Schools invest thousands of dollars per year in school materials, such as paper, ink, photocopies, etc. However, with the implementation of an e-learning platform, these expenses can be saved. Even teachers can save money by incorporating all the necessary information into the educational platform, so that students have access in one place to addresses, notes, activities and curricular material. Also, this helps students save money because they won’t have to buy textbooks or materials.


#3 Achieve greater participation of students

The doubts are solved online between the teachers and students. Students create questions in the educational platform to clarify and complement the doubts that may have in the classroom, while providing suggestions for improvement. This creates an enabling environment to improve student participation and feedback.


#4 Optimize student tasks

with all the time saved in school materials, teachers can focus on innovative learning opportunities that arise from using all the resources available on the Internet. Therefore, the classroom becomes a more student-centered environment. Which means students have their space outside the classroom in which they can reinforce what they have learned in the classroom thanks to the e-learning platform. In Addition, teachers can observe what the students have learned best and what they have to improve. This information is very important for each teacher to know so they can help the student focus more on materials they did poorly on.


#5 Increase interactions with students

Teachers can use online tools available in the Dexway e-learning platform to address the doubts of students who normally can’t respond due to lack of time. Therefore, teachers can add a survey to gather feedback on what works for them and what doesn’t.  Also, Students can send questions and receive answers even after school hours which helps students solve issues they’re having at a faster rate.

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