Dexway’s self-learning solutions are designed to help students balance language learning with their personal and work life. E-learning offers maximum flexibility in regards to time and location so that more people can access these classes without interfering with the rest of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Dexway advantages

Language centers should consider online teaching a great ally since it allows them to expand their course offerings to new audiences who cannot attend classes in person but are wanting new ways to continue studying languages and also balance them with a job, others studies or family responsibilities.


E-learning to Balance Work and School

Dexway’s self-learning options guarantee natural and progressive learning that keeps students motivated from the beginning until the end. Highlighted below are the 7 advantages Dexway courses offer that help students balance their studies with their other responsibilities:


# 1 Multi-device capabilities

Dexway courses are accessible from any web browser and on any device. Moreover, you can even access them without connecting to the internet by using the different apps, which allow you up to 30 days of not being connected without losing any of your progress (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). This gives students greater flexibility when it comes to planning their studies.


# 2 Twenty-four-hour access

Being able to access courses 24 hours a day gives students complete freedom to decide when to learn a language. Students can connect to a web portal using the school’s name and website to study their course at any time. Dexway online courses are way more flexible than face-to-face classes and students are in control of when they choose to study.


# 3 Study planner

When time is limited, the best strategy to keep progressing in an online course is to plan out the pace of work to establish some objectives and minimum requirements so you can keep your motivation going, which is exactly what this type of learning requires. Dexway’s study planner schedules all the course’s lessons by preference (How many times per week? Which days?).


# 4 Open reservation system for face-to-face classes

Face-to-face online classes are a great incentive for this type of course. Dexway uses an open class reservation system that allows schools to let students view class schedules up to one month in advance. That way, students can book the classes that interest them at the times that work best for them in order to supplement their online learning with online face-to-face classes.


# 5 Activity monitoring

One of the most important advantages Dexway courses offer is its activity monitoring. Dexway continuously monitors the activity of online language students so that schools can be aware of their progress at all times. This is very important because certain measures can be taken if a student starts to put in less effort. For example, reminders and reinforcement exercises can be programmed for students’ weaker areas that may cause a student to stop their studies.


# 6 Reduction of learning time

Numerous studies indicate that e-learning is more effective than face-to-face instruction. In 2004, Dongsong Zhang et al. published the study “Can E-Learning Replace Classroom Learning?” in which they concluded that remote learners can outperform traditional classroom students. Online courses are known for being flexible, allowing students to study at their own pace. Students who can commit a lot of time to their course will be able to advance quicker. Those who need more time may take all the time they need to go through the course at their own pace.


# 7 Networking tools

The fact that a course is online doesn’t mean that students have to give up the social aspect of learning, which is so important for language learning. In addition to a certain number of online VCR classes, schools can also provide their students with access to student communities (Dexway’s or their own) where they can participate in forums, messaging and conversation groups. Being able to connect with other classmates and practice conversation is essential to stay motivated.


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