Traditional education has been giving way to e-learning methods for more than a decade, which are based on using technology to support teaching. By 2019, studies estimate that 50% of higher education will be taught fully online, and language courses could exceed that figure.LMS LCMS Voluxion

One of the main reasons for this change is that studies show greater effectiveness of online learning, in addition to the flexibility it offers students, catering to their lifestyle (schedules, travel, expenses). More and more students are demanding (and expecting) access to multimedia and interactive resources that only a digital campus can provide.

In order to make studying online a satisfactory experience, several factors are involved. Content is crucial for a successful education: both the quality and variety of the syllabus in order to keep students motivated from the beginning until the course ends. The biggest challenge of e-learning is that since the course does not meet face-to-face, the student must be self-motivated.

If content is important, the LMS (learning management system) or LCMS (learning content management system) platform used to develop a course and through which students will access it is no less significant.


Voluxion Pro, an LMS/LCMS specialized in languages

Choosing a professional educational platform that has been developed specifically for language courses is way more efficient and has many more advantages than using SCORM in a general platform that is not specialized in languages.

In this sense, Voluxion’s Free, Standard and Pro versions offer a series of features that distinguish it from the rest of the LMS/LCMS options for online language courses, making it the leading platform in the industry.

Voluxion is a learning platform that utilizes cloud hosting to provide comprehensive management of all aspects of a course. It is a scalable solution by Computer Aided E-learning that adapts to the needs of the center (college, university, language center) and offers the most highly demanded features.



Voluxion integrates a VCR, or virtual classroom, that provides live classes (video and audio) individually or in a group, in private rooms, defined by the number of attendees. Classes are recorded in standard formats and can also be downloaded as a podcast so that students can access these classes whenever they like.

Voluxion + Dexway adds extra features to the VCR for language courses that are compatible with Dexway Languages, such as access to class outlines for Dexway VCRs.


Student community

The LMS is scalable to the student community, allowing schools, universities and language centers to offer their students a commonplace to get unlimited language practice. Voluxion offers an integrated web 2.0 environment where students can interact with each other and their teachers through different formats of participation: message boards, forums, friend lists, an achievement system, work groups.


Signing up for classes

The LMS publishes a schedule grid for students to sign up for classes. In addition to publishing the traditional fixed templates, Voluxion also allows students to choose what level and whether the class will be group or individual. When a spot opens, the first student who signs up will choose what the class will be like. Teachers can even leave the topic of the class up to the students, or they can choose a class from the VCR guide.


Record of hours

The Voluxion platform keeps a record of all the time students spend on the course, including the amount of time spent in VCR classes.


Monitoring and reporting

Voluxion offers a specially designed monitoring system for language learning. It allows you to program partial and final reports and send them automatically to certain emails. In addition, it also gives access to general usage statistics and all the pertinent information on the students’ interaction with the course (access, access from the same IP address, rapid completion of the course…). Actively monitoring students enables you to correct shortcomings that might crop up during the course and that could have possibly resulted in them dropping out.


Automatic tests and evaluations

With the LCMS option you can create interactive tests quickly and easily and receive the relevant assessments once students have completed them.


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