The way we implement training these days is changing, moving from classrooms to the internet at a speed so fast that sometimes it doesn’t leave any time for us to reflect on a job well done or how important milestones were achieved —milestones that replace standard processes with others that are more efficient, flexible and effective.

Case Study: education portal with Voluxion

The case we present today is this: a leading national company in the paint industry intended to revolutionize the way it trains its employees and customers nationwide. The company was willing to go digital so it went to CAE with its objectives and requirements in pursuit of a plan that would help materialize its vision.



This prestigious paint company, a national industry leader, wanted to launch an education portal so it could train its employees and store customers throughout the country in a simple and flexible way.

All the company’s training material was in print and it needed an easy and powerful content creation tool that would allow it to go digital.

The company wanted to speed up training times since the thousands of branches scattered all over the country implied a large amount of training time that could fluctuate a lot between all the branches



After analyzing the type of training imparted and the specific needs presented, an action plan was established with Voluxion as the main focus (to launch their education portal).

The Voluxion Professional platform was offered to the company so that it could create specific content and turn that into legitimate, interactive courses. The training department would have access to reports detailing the effectiveness of the training and how employees and customers responded to that training.

For specific training, virtual rooms were included in the education portal so that classes could be organized and any of the workers from the thousands of branches nationwide could connect to them directly. In this way, with a class and its recording, the company could easily reach all its employees and offer them relevant product updates in a short time, which before would take weeks.


The client started using this solution ten years ago and still uses it to this day, with excellent results. The latest version of the Voluxion platform, with the authoring tool, allows content to be updated whenever need be and provides employees and store customers with updated training.


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