Classroom Companion Dexway blended learning

 Give your teachers the right tools and put a smile back into language learning

CAE, the global provider for online, blended and face-to-face learning solutions, has developed an easy-to-use tool which adapts seamlessly to any learning environment.

The Dexway methodology “learning by doing” is at the heart of what CAE creates. This new collection of course materials puts the teacher back in the driver seat. It allows them to take control of their classroom and of their students learning.
Classroom Companion lets the teacher guide the learning process. They decide how they want the lessons, with the resources they want, in the timescale they want. The student learns through interactive multimedia content while having fun. All in a learning environment that fosters student motivation and commitment.

Let´s take a look at just some of the key features available to teachers with Dexway Classroom Companion:

Adaptable course structure

Classroom Companion course content is specifically designed to be modified by the teacher, without any pedagogical repercussions for the student.

A conventional text book or traditional online course usually have a linear structure. The publisher has decided on the pedagogic progression of the course through units 1 to 10, for example. Normally unit 10 is much harder than unit 1 and may include the vocabulary covered in previous units. This means that teachers and students can find it difficult to change the order that the publisher has used. Using linear content in a different order to which it was designed disrupts the natural progression. Students then may encounter holes in their knowledge that prevent them from fulfilling their full potential.

With Classroom Companion, the lessons and units have been designed to be adapted by the teacher and their style of teaching. Teachers create their own “study plan” of what they want to include in their lessons. Teachers have the freedom to change the order and modify the content of each unit as they wish. From the student´s perspective, they will follow the course from units 1 onwards but they are following a structure that has been created for them by their teacher. A truly flexible and personalized approach.

Classroom Companion is available in 2 versions for learning English:

  • For kids. Levels A1 and A2. UK English.
  • For ages 12+. Levels A1 to C1. USA and UK English. 700+ hours.

Automatic feedback for instant motivation

An engaged student is what we all aim for. Especially when learning a language, where it requires the student to work on every productive and receptive skill in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

As the student works through a Dexway course, the activities instantly give feedback about how well they are doing. This serves as a great motivational tool and fills a vital gap in hours outside of class time. The student can practise at home and progress, without direct teacher contact. Classroom Companion allows the teacher to decide which parts of the lesson and units the students should study at home. This means that they can actively decide on homework tasks that will give students instant feedback to help them progress individually, at their own pace, between classes.

One great example of this in action is to give pronunciation homework using voice-recognition technology, which uses an integrated color-coded analysis system to evaluate and give feedback automatically.

Integrated grammar and vocabulary tools

Another feature that really helps with student motivation are the many grammar and lexical features that are available with Classroom Companion lessons. Students can access grammar help from any point in the course. To make sure the student doesn´t jump too far ahead and study grammar that the teacher hasn´t introduced yet, the teacher can control which grammar resources they have available. This means that the teacher is always the one guiding the learning process.

For instant answers the course also comes with integrated access to Collins online dictionary. By clicking a word in the course, the student can access the word´s definition, and other key information about that specific piece of vocabulary. So, as the student progresses with the course, they are gradually learning new vocabulary as and when they need it.

User-friendly evaluation and performance tracking

One challenge that teachers face daily is how to know if a student is really progressing and improving. How can teachers effectively track their students’ progress? Dexway Analytics gives teachers the option to view their progress in real time. This is a very important tool. It´s especially usefull for environments such as schools or language academies, where the students’ progress is regularly monitored.

What´s more, instead of waiting for teacher feedback, the student can also see how well they are progressing. They can view a user-friendly evaluation guide that gives the student a report of every linguistic skill they have worked on. This feature is also available for teachers, who can see progress both by group and by individual students.


If you would like to know more about Classroom Companion features or any of our Dexway Courses, please get in touch with one of our specialists by making an enquiry here.


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