Computer Aided E-learning, a pioneer in developing and implementing education and training solutions supported by technology, turns more than 40 years innovating in training services of the highest qualityDexway, CAE’s specialised language division, offers an intuitive way to learn English in the classroom, where the students learn and progress in the language practicing each new concept in a natural and progressive way.

CAE Analytics


CAE launches a new advanced functionality for analysing and monitoring. Analytics allows to analyse the evolution of the students individually or in groups, each lesson or unit and knowing always this results or progress, including verification of the level of the results of the partial and final test included in Dexway English courses.

So it enables educators to easily know their students group and depending on its results determine the needs to strengthen, and work on weaknesses and/or deficiencies during class time. In addition it is also an advantage in every way for students and thanks to this system may reinforce all points or lessons on the agenda in those gaps or harder, so strengthening learning.

Analytics detects effortlessly and in real time what points the vast majority of students are not understanding and/or developing their skills properly and proposed for class time reviewing the weak and needed points in order to improve learning for all the group lessons are really needed.

Dexway, knows that the best way to learn English is through flipped classroom, an innovative methodology that allows an optimization of time in class, providing the teacher influence the points that students should actually strengthen, making the classes more creative and especially participatory, so making the student the centre of learning.

The new functionality, CAE Analytics, enriches this methodology offering teachers and students a complete and detailed overview of the objectives that each course aims to achieve. A competitive advantage that will certainly complement your difference and offer training solutions for education, making life easier for teachers and students achieving success in learning English.

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