The Dexway Methodology Teacher Guide (Teacher Pack) is the result of innovation with the aim to improve the experience of learning new languages combining blended learning, i.e., the sum of the face-to-face and e-learning, providing educators a complete education language solution with the best methodology to enrich and customize their classes.

Dexway offers a language e-learning methodology that has evolved over the years, according to our clients, the most advanced language learning program all over the world. It is a complete training program, which uses an innovative method combining the benefits of face-to-face training with the advantages of online learning. Since 1981, CAE stands out for the integration of technology and the innovation of teaching methods to improve the learning process.

For educators Dexway methodology is certainly an advantage in every way when teaching their classes. Firstly, because they can prepare a complete and interactive class more easily, and secondly, because the method will help them to also review and improve their language during the course.

  • Educators can prepare their classes or lessons beforehand, save them and edit or modify the content later it they want to. This will allow them to arrange the content that they consider appropriate for their subject.
  • They will also rely on a physical or online manual which includes the complete content of the course, and, if desired, can also deliver to all their students so they can practice.
  • This methodology enables the interaction between educators and students, throughout activities that involve communication and practical exercises that improve collaborative learning in class.
  • Educators practice with their students all the knowledge and skills gained during the first stage of the learning process. Additional activities recommended for their classes will help students producing their own linguistic structures and improving their oral and written fluency.
  • The method also offers suggested activities to do with students during classes, including printable worksheets.
  • Our teacher pack includes several activities in order to practice English communication, which means, oral and written activities to become skilled at the language. Subsequently, it is complemented with grammar and vocabulary activities on the educational platform.
  • As a valuable complement, it includes our Classroom Teacher software. This complete software provides educators with multiple additional activities to practice in class with all or part of the dexway course lessons. It has an advanced functionality for analysis and evaluation progress of their student learning.

An exclusively learning method that has many advantages both for the educator and the student and that we expect will be soon in every educational institution to encourage blended learning.