A new language course begins and, like every beginning, it is different from the previous one, with new students who present a great diversity of levels within the class, either because of their age, training, level of language reached… And again, we face the challenge to harmonize our language class, so that students start from the same level and maintain this balance during the course. How can we do it?

harmonize your language class

If we look at the age of our students, in general we will see that the younger they are, the greater the difference in level we will find in their skills and abilities, since these are still poorly defined in their mother tongue. On the other hand, in adults, these differences are usually more standardized, since they have already reached maturity in their mother tongue and this makes it easier for them to transfer their skills to the new language they want to study. This is analyzed in the studies by Richard Bueno Hudson , published by the Cervantes Institute in Manchester in the article “Diversidad de niveles: ideas para una gestión eficaz en el aula” (“Diversity of levels: ideas for effective management in the classroom”).

Once teachers have taken into account and analyzed the problem, they face another great challenge, which is choosing the level to be established in the class, since each student has a different degree of knowledge of the language. Generally, the first option is to maintain an average level, so it is useful for the vast majority of our students. However, some students who have acquired a greater knowledge of the language might lose interest and attention during the course, and the same might happen with the ones with a lower level.

Another strategy to follow would be to adapt the level to the ones with the highest or lowest language level. In doing so, the teacher may momentarily feel more comfortable teaching, but it will not take long for issues such as lack of motivation or discipline problems to arise in class.

Harmonize your language class

For this reason, it is essential that teachers have the necessary tools to be able to guide their students throughout the course without leaving anyone behind, continuously harmonizing their language class in an easy and effective way. With the Reinforcement Courses included in Voluxion Authoring Tool, teachers can balance their students level before, during and after their courses. This is possible thanks to objective tests that indicate the deficiencies of their students with automatic proposals for support exercises to practice.

Create multimedia, dynamic and responsive content in record time

Voluxion Authoring Tool is a simple to use tool that does not require any technical knowledge, as it is intuitive, user-friendly and powerful, and it is designed to create and edit customized exercises very quickly. You can freely design your training with your own images, videos or texts from around twenty templates that will make your work easier.  

Students will be able to carry out their exercises on any type of device, since the templates and designs are fully responsive, adapting perfectly to PCs, smartphones and tablets and allowing your students to have greater flexibility when choosing where they can do the exercises.

It has a shared library that allows collaborative work between several users, which contributes to enriching the content and dividing the work.

You will be able to review the progress and the final result of your exercises in a few seconds by pressing the Preview button.

All content is stored in the cloud so that it can be accessed from any device and at all times, without fear of losing work due to the failure of a hard drive or an external USB storage device since, being in the cloud, your work will be protected.

Share your materials easily with a simple link

With Voluxion Authoring Tool you will have the possibility to:

  • Once the content is created, you can easily and quickly generate a link to share it with your students.
  • Online content is compatible with all types of screens.
  • You will not need an LMS web portal to access the exercises.
  • You will not have to register students or enter their personal data, with all the time and problems that it entails.
  • You will have at your disposal basic statistics on the use of the generated content, providing you with very valuable information, so that you can make decisions at all times of the learning process.
  • Share content with your students from day one thanks to the included materials: learning pills in English, Spanish and French, Reinforcement courses to help you harmonize your language class and preparation courses for official exams (First Certificate, Advanced Certificate, TOEFL).

All content included meets the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Teachers can edit, expand or create the included exercises from scratch, as well as create lessons in other languages.

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