Innovative methodologies such as eLearning, gamification or microlearning have been a common topic in the last few years. Microlearning is an educational strategy where the shortness of the lessons is the most important characteristic. It emerged in the first decade of the 21st Century and it has seen big advances since then. It has been combined with other methodologies and is exploring and exploiting all the benefits that online platforms entail for this type of interactive activities.

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Since technology got into the classrooms, the way of teaching has changed completely. It has completely left behind traditional methodologies and has introduced innovation in the process. These new formulas are not only effective, but make this process something great for both students and teachers.

Why are e-learning platforms key to microlearning?

Because in microlearning the activities take no longer than 15 minutes. They are small training portions that allow the students to quickly fill in the gaps they have in certain skills and knowledge.

With online platforms these types of exercises are translated into dynamic, interactive and gamified activities. Students learn as if they were playing a game and advances quickly through the contents of the syllabus.

Why is it the 21st Century studying method?

In a society like ours, where we’re running everywhere, having these types of activities means being able to follow a personalized and quick studying pace. The human brain can process about four bits of information at a time, so the result with this approach are almost immediate.

This methodology fits perfectly in the corporate world, because it enhances knowledge and therefore increases the productivity of human teams.

How are the microlearning exercises?

They are called learning portions. They stand out for their shortness, granularity and variety. In just a few seconds, or 15 minutes the most, the student has access to exercises focused on a specific topic (granularity), concept or idea.

The content of these activities can have very different formats: interactive activities, games, videos, questions, slides, readings… This is very positive because not only they adapt to the student in terms of study time, but they can also use the format which best suits their preferences (some people learn better by reading a text and others by interactive exercises).

The use of technology is what provides this flexibility. The information is available “here and now”. The contents are adapted to the devices they use (mobile, tablet or computer) and, in Dexway platforms, their progress is kept up-to-date, so they can change devices whenever they wish.

Also, having exercises focused on very specific topics easy their labelling and allows faster research.

What are the benefits of microlearning in Dexway courses?

#1. Effective and immediate results. Dexway courses are structured in different units with different lessons that work on specific concepts,

#2. The student set his own pace. The students themselves can set their study plan according to his needs. It as a study planner to mark the days they want to work and lessons to be done.

#3. Content portions that speed up research. The benefit over other competitors is that Dexway courses contain their own and personalized content. The student can also access reinforcement exercises to work on the objectives he needs.

#4. Content accessible at any time. All the courses are multiplatform, so students can access to them on the device they want, when they want, keeping their progress updated every time.

#5. Different formats to cover different studying styles. Throughout the lessons, the student will find different kind of interactive exercises. The teacher can also modify and adjust these exercises thanks to our Authoring Tool.

#6. Dynamic and interactive learning to improve the process. The great variety of exercises of Dexway courses make our methodology one of the best in the market.

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