Language schools and training centers are becoming more aware of their students’ change in mindset. Although the value of face-to-face classes remains, students expect their language courses to bein the cloud and to be supplemented with interactive content that they can access from anywhere and at any time.

Dexway, much more than digital extensions

To try to meet this need, many publishers have supplemented their language books with simple digital extensions that do not offer any added value by themselves. In most cases, they are just replicas of books and videos or audio recordings designed to follow along with the hard copy.

At Dexway we believe that language students need a high-quality, effective and customizable method. Dexway courses provide far more than a digital publishing extension and are adaptable to meet each center’s needs; they can serve as a parallel supplement, as a self-learning course or even as paperless classroom material.

The Dexway methodology is based on a ‘learning by doing’ approach, with content structured according to the CEFR that presents real-life contexts and situations so that students develop all the language skills in an immersive and practical way. Using this approach, students will progress naturally from 0 to 100%, without any gaps.

We discussed this and much more in our latest published e-book, “Dexway: Far More Than a Digital Extension for Language Students.”

You can download this e-book for free to find out what the main problems are of digital extensions used by many language schools and how to solve them with our global solution for online language training: Dexway. This e-book analyzes the main problems of publishing extensions and the solutions that Dexway global solutions offers in order to eliminate all of them.


DEXWAY: Far More Than Digital Extensions for Language Students

In particular, it analyzes:

  • #1 The need for digital support or supplements with interactive and multi-device content
  • #2 Characteristics of publishing extensions and their shortcomings
  • #3 Benefits of utilizing Dexway courses to accompany a training center’s courses
  • #4 Dexway Modalities to be implemented according to each centers’ needs (blended, online…)
  • #5 How to distinguish yourself from the competition by customizing your Dexway courses


Download Dexway Ebook for free


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