Good communication is vital to business. Without it you won’t be able to tell your customers why they should buy from you, never mind support them through the process or provide high quality aftercare. Communication can be a particularly big challenge for businesses who work in international markets and therefore face language barriers.

One way to overcome this problem is to invest in the services of professional translators. Unfortunately, over time this can be a very expensive option and is often just not sustainable.

Instead, many of the businesses we work with are seeing the value of making a more long term investment. Facilitating the language training of existing employees can pay huge dividends in the future. Businesses who support and encourage their staff members to learn English, learn Spanish, learn German or even learn French are creating a valuable resource that will help them to grow and develop.


When it comes to deciding on the practicalities, online language courses are often the favourite. Here are three very persuasive facts that will explain why:

Why online language training is the favourite?

online language training the-best solution for your business

#1. Online language training is available anywhere

No matter where a business is based, its employees will be able to enrol to learn languages online from their own desks. No longer do businesses have to make training decisions based on what’s available in their area. When a business invests in online learning they don’t also have to agree to employees taking time off to attend classes. All the necessary studying and learning can be done from within the office.

#2. Online language training provide excellent opportunities to practice skills

One of the most important factors in learning a language is having people to practice oral and listening skills with. One of the great things about online language courses is that they can provide this in abundance. Many online courses, including the ones we offer, provide conversation practice via virtual classrooms with both tutors and fellow learners.

#3. Online language training is more cost-efficient

There are a wide range of digital language courses available to suit almost any needs. From business English online courses to advanced French lessons, there’s something to suit every employee. Even better: these courses are more cost-efficient than sending employees on in-person training courses. There are no transport costs, no overtime payments and no other expenses. Once a company has invested in online training resources they can also sometimes be shared by multiple staff members, unlike in-person training.

What opportunities for growth could your business embrace if you invested in online language learning?

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