Here you can find useful information (whitepapers, case studies) and updates about CAE, leading learning experts in the training sector. CAE is specialized in educational projects: online/offline, blended learning and Learning Manager Systems/LCMS.


CAE Resources: The Success of blended learning ebook

eBook: The Success of Blended Learning

Discover why Blended Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

Elearning Platforms ebook

eBook: E-learning Platforms

How learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

Trends in the elearning sector ebook

eBook: Trends in the e-learning sector

Discover the new trends: technology, way of learning, platform content, analysis…

Success stories: Station Rotation Lab Ebook

eBook: Success Stories "Station Rotation Lab"

Everything that you must know about Station Rotation labs.

White Paper about language centers

[White Paper] The Language Centers and the New Technology

Our specialists in digital transformation analyze the language center sector.

Flipped Classrom benefits ebook

eBook: Advantages of a Flipped Classroom for face-to-face teaching

The educational strategy that triumphs around the world: how to implement it?