Dexway, CAE’s language division, has published an update to their Spanish C1 courses. The changes include technical and academic updates that have been applied to the three C1 levels (C1.1, C1.2 and C1.3).

The update corresponds to CAE’s constant commitment to improve its solutions and platforms by aiming to offer the best e-learning experience for language learning.

Dexway Spanish C1

For the new Dexway Spanish C1 version, unit lessons as well as test exercises and the final tests have been revised. Improvements have been made in regards to grammar and objectives. Also, new resources have been added such as videos, exercises, readings, dictations and new themed vocabulary.

All these changes to Dexway Spanish language courses have helped achieve more depth and language immersion and have been updated to meet the current demands of Spanish language students.

With more than 525 million Spanish speakers in the world, more and more schools are offering Spanish classes because students are insisting on this knowledge for their personal and professional lives. Dexway’s solutions to learn Spanish online include levels A1 to C1, under the requirements established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In addition, they are adapted to the most practiced and innovative blended learning methods such as flipped classroom.

Dexway language courses offer a progressive and natural study that guarantees that students will be engaged and participate. This improves completion rates since a unique methodology is used that combines language immersion with materials and educational contents of real-life situations. This achieves a truly effective immersion in education.

Access to social tools like the Dexway community is a must. It is a global online community of students that all Dexway students have access to so they can practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This online area offers a meeting space for language students that enables them to interact through forums, message boards or conversation groups (sound only, voice only or sound and voice).

Students enrolled in Dexway Spanish courses have a common point where they can connect after studying their lessons and can practice their language skills, all while having fun with other Spanish students.


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