When offering online courses for the first time, many language centers fear that enrolled students will progress at a pace different from face-to-face classes, thus making it more complicated to complete assessments and it may even lead to dropouts. The same happens when educational technology is incorporated into traditional classrooms; the question arises as to whether control will be lost in this way. Dexway’s different e-learning configurations help you to put these fears to rest by always guaranteeing natural progression without gaps during the application process and provide you with the best version that suits your needs.

The learning pace of online students is one of the most common concerns in language centers that offer self-training modalities. How do you know at what pace they are learning? This is solved with Dexway, thanks to the exhaustive tracking of the progress of online students, not only of the lessons they are passing, but also of their progress by language skills, which makes it possible to know at all times the deficiencies of a student and help him or her.


Dexway e-learning configurations


This is because most schools only know about online self-learning courses, which are not real e-learning courses, or about digital publishing extensions, which include materials that don’t meet the standards for optimal, high-quality online courses with a guarantee of success.


Dexway e-learning configurations adapt to your language school

Dexway e-learning configurations offer flexible solutions designed to provide real support to students, keep them motivated and ensure that they progress at the same pace as face-to-face classes. For this, Dexway has content structured by objective, advanced monitoring tools, performance reports, reinforcement exercises, learning nuggets and different methodologies such as the flipped classroom.

There is no one-fits-all configuration to implement online courses at a training center. There are a wide range of possibilities for you to adapt these courses to your teaching methods:


Face-to-face methodology

The new Dexway Presential Method is the perfect ally for the classroom. It consists of customised online content for secondary school and pre university levels (students between 12 and 18). In these face-to-face courses, our pedagogical department, together with your teachers, determines the desired objectives as well as their order. With all this information, a didactic programme is generated which enriches the classroom experience by using interactive activities, group dynamics, debate sessions and videos of real-life situations.


Online Courses

Your centre can offer 100% online courses for students who want to be totally flexible in their learning. Dexway courses structured by objectives and aligned with the CEFR offer students a seamless schedule to learn naturally and at their own pace with a learning by doing methodology, which is totally practical.

Dexway Certificate or Dexway Professional are two of the Dexway courses that are perfect for students who require autonomous study. Your academy can include online or face-to-face classes to reinforce the course if desired.


Blended Learning

Blended learning, which combines traditional classroom teaching with online learning, enriches face-to-face teaching by providing tools for students to review lessons at home.

  • Interactive online course for self-training and practical classes in the classroom (such as the flipped classroom).
  • Face-to-face course supported by learning pills developed by objectives (in these cases the teacher is responsible for assigning content pills or online lessons before or after the classes as reinforcement for the students).
  • Face-to-face course supported by a digital extension of the textbook used.


 Language laboratories

A tool designed for students to learn not only in a face-to-face environment, but also autonomously. The online classrooms offer total linguistic immersion while students also have the support of a teacher in the classroom to resolve all their doubts. Students pick up where they left off in each session, and if the centre wishes, they can even continue learning at home on their tablets, mobiles or PCs.