When offering online courses for the first time, many language schools fear that enrolled students will progress at a pace different from face-to-face classes, thus making it more complicated to complete assessments and it may even lead to dropouts.

Online Courses CAE

This is because most schools only know about online self-learning courses, which are not real e-learning courses, or about digital publishing extensions, which include materials that don’t meet the standards for optimal, high-quality online courses with a guarantee of success.


Dexway e-learning configurations adapt to your language school

Dexway e-learning configurations offer flexible solutions designed to provide real support to students, keep them motivated and ensure that they progress at the same pace as face-to-face classes. For this, Dexway has content structured by objective, advanced monitoring tools, performance reports, reinforcement exercises, learning nuggets and different methodologies such as the Flipped Classroom.

There is no one-fits-all configuration to implement online courses at a training center. There are a wide range of possibilities for you to adapt these courses to your teaching methods:

  • #1 Courses where teachers give classes (online or in person) supported by online content (Blended learning)
  • #2 Interactive self-learning online courses. 100% online courses
  • #3 Interactive self-learning online courses and classroom instruction with hands-on classes (Inverted classroom)
  • #4 Only online classes with teachers
  • #5 Face-to-face courses that include an interactive online course developed as a supplement to the classroom (a Dexway innovation)
  • #6 Face-to-face courses with learning nuggets developed by objective (in this case, the teacher is responsible for assigning learning nuggets or online lessons before or after class as reinforcement for students)
  • #7 Face-to-face courses with a digital version of the textbook


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