The use of closed-based educational software has caused a paradigm shift in education, allowing teachers and students to make the most of advantages and opportunities that were previously difficult to imagine. The cloud provides a virtual environment that is available anywhere and anytime, eliminating geographical and time barriers in the teaching and learning process.

Teachers can access educational resources, manage content, and collaborate with their students more efficiently, while students can access learning materials, work on projects, and participate in interactive activities from their own devices. This global accessibility provides unprecedented flexibility and opens up new possibilities for collaboration, enabling a more dynamic and personalized approach to education.

Cloud-based educational software

Reasons to make the leap to cloud-based educational platforms

With this in mind, it is clear that we are faced with a technology that offers a series of advantages and benefits for educational centers, academies, institutions or companies that seek to offer quality e-learning language programs. And to support this argument we present 12 reasons to start using cloud-based educational software (if you are not already doing so).


#1 Accessible from anywhere

Access from anywhere is one of the most prominent features of cloud-based educational software. Unlike traditional learning methods, where students are limited to a physical classroom and a specific schedule, cloud-based software allows users to access the platform from any device with an internet connection, such as computers, tablets or smart phones. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for online language learning, providing a more flexible and convenient experience for students, teachers and administrators.

This facilitates learning without geographical barriers, fully flexible schedules and asynchronous learning.

The anywhere access offered by these online LMS platforms is a crucial factor for the adoption and success of language e-learning programs.


#2 Enables real-time collaboration

Cloud technology facilitates real-time collaboration between students and between students and their teachers. This feature is especially valuable in language education, where interaction and constant practice are essential for the development of linguistic skills such as speaking or listening.

Some benefits of this feature are the ease of instant and fluid communication, online teamwork or immediate feedback.


#3 Receive automatic updates

At CAE we are constantly developing improvements for both our platform and our content. Cloud-based software allows you to receive updates automatically so you can enjoy all the improvements to your courses the moment our team releases them. Unlike traditional software, which requires manual installations, all these changes are managed automatically, without the need to do anything on your platform.

This gives you continuous platform improvement, quick bug fixes, and a single version for all learners (as they don’t have to update manually).


#4 Scalable and flexible solution

Cloud-based educational software offers a great advantage for educational centers, academies, institutions and companies, as it provides unprecedented scalability and flexibility compared to on-site solutions. These features are essential if we are to adapt to the changing needs of enrollments and ensure a more effective and satisfying language learning experience.

This flexibility is evident both in the progressive increase in characteristics as they may be needed, as well as the adaptation to a greater number of learning levels or larger groups.


#5 Save costs

By opting for cloud-based solutions, you can achieve a significant cut in costs related to different areas such as infrastructure, maintenance and human resources.

With its cloud software you can save the initial cost of buying or renting servers, as well as the long-term cost of maintenance. If you are still using 100% in-person training and haven’t made the leap to an educational platform, now is your time.


#6 Security and privacy

Security and privacy are critical aspects in any online educational environment, especially when it comes to platforms that store personal information about students and teachers (and assessment information). Cloud-based educational software for language courses has become a reliable option due to the security and privacy measures it implements to protect information and ensure a safe learning environment.

These applications always treat the information under standard data security regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which establishes how to collect and how to manage all the personal information that is collected. And ensures secure connections under the HTTPS protocol.


#7 No downloads

The connection to these platforms is made via a browser on any type of device: computer, tablet, mobile phone, digital whiteboard, etc. Therefore, it is like entering any other online service: you enter using a username and password that gives access to the platform to manage the course, in the case of teachers, or access the course directly, in the case of students.

By not requiring downloads and installations, users are therefore prevented from using an old version of course. Another advantage is that access is immediate, and the system requirements are more accessible.

To access Computer Aided E-learning courses you do not have to download a single thing, you can access them from your computer easily.


#8 Application integration

Language learning benefits enormously from the integration of multimedia tools, since these enrich the learning experience and allow greater interaction and understanding of the content. Cloud-based educational software offers the possibility of incorporating a wide variety of multimedia resources that complement and enhance educational materials. We are talking, for example, about extra documentation uploaded to the platform such as videos, pdfs or integration with external video call messaging applications, etc.

CAE Computer Aided E-learning solutions can connect with other applications easily and simply. Dexway courses allow the integration of video conferences via Google Meet, Zoom or Teams.


#9 No equipment maintenance

No maintenance. Having cloud-based educational software for your educational program avoids the need to hire servers, maintain your own databases etc. This is especially beneficial in academies, schools or companies with little or no technical experience.


#10 Makes hybrid learning possible

Hybrid, or blended learning, is an educational strategy that combines elements of traditional classroom teaching with online learning. This modality offers a more flexible and personalized educational experience, taking advantage of the best of both worlds to improve the language teaching and learning process. Cloud-based educational software plays a crucial role in facilitating and enriching this modality.

The flexibility of access to content, customization options, automatic and real-time evaluation or the promotion of online collaborative learning are some of the characteristics of e-learning platforms that allow a blended methodology to be proposed in their classrooms.


#11 More sustainable options

Proposing a more sustainable class model is one of the concerns of many centers and academies. With the use of CAE cloud software, the environmental impact is reduced with less paper consumption since many of the tasks are done on the same platform and do not require paper format to carry them out.

From the point of view of reducing travel, they are also much more sustainable. By being able to teach classes online or learn independently from home, many trips to learning centers are saved, which reduces gas emissions.


#12 Personalized study

Cloud-based educational software offers a great advantage in making it easy to personalize language learning for each student. Each person has different learning styles, paces and specific needs, and e-learning platforms offer the flexibility and tools necessary to adapt the educational experience to those individual characteristics of each of your students or employees.

Personalized reinforcement content or exhaustive progress monitoring are some of the customizations that can be carried out with this type of educational application.

Another customization present is the language setting. Dexway language course interfaces are available in Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Valencian and Catalan so that the student can choose the menus in their first language. This also happens with the help option in lower-level courses.


In summary, cloud-based educational software offers a wide range of advantages for educational centers, academies, institutions and companies that wish to implement e-learning language programs. The flexibility, accessibility and ease of use that this technology provides, together with its economic and management benefits, make it an attractive and efficient option to improve and enhance face-to-face, online or blended language teaching.


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