The advantages of using a cloud-based LMS, also known as a cloud-based web platform, for your online courses at learning centers or companies are numerous: real-time monitoring, periodic updates, no installation required, course access from anywhere using any device, etc. There is a long list of proven benefits that can make your e-learning courses more user friendly and will undoubtedly enrich them by providing your students with way more options than what an offline LMS offers these days.

cloud-based LMS

In language training, cloud server deployment of an LMS (Learning Management System) is even more important since it offers extra properties that enhance the content offered and are necessary to learn a new language.

CAE has developed the most comprehensive cloud-based LMS in the industry: Voluxion, compatible with SCORM and AICC content. It has been designed specifically for language courses and therefore has features unique to this industry such as VCR or conversation groups.

Benefits of using Voluxion, a cloud-based LMS, for your language courses

#1 Flexible language learning

Voluxion, a cloud-based LMS, gives students total flexibility so they can customize their learning experience.

It can be accessed 24/7 from PC, Mac, Android and iOS phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad) using any web browser. Since there are no set schedules and it has multi-device capabilities, students are the ones who decide when and where to study, with the only condition being they need to connect to the network.

For Dexway courses, the platform offers offline access through its different applications available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. Progress is never lost; the next time the device connects to the internet, it will synchronize.


#2 Continuously monitored learning plan

The learning platform keeps track of all the progress each student and/or group makes in real time, providing comprehensive reports to teachers or those in charge of training.

With these evaluation reports, teachers will always be aware of their students’ weaker areas and can send them exercises or learning nuggets so that they do not fall behind.

Dexway language courses provide real-time assessment through Dexway Analytics, where students and teachers can see an overview of the course objectives and progress.


#3 Rapidly generated reinforcement exercises

Like we said, Voluxion offers constant evaluation of each unit that students are working on. All progress is monitored and assessed. That way, the platform knows which objectives students are currently working on and any areas where performance has been weaker, and it is capable of automatically programming reinforcement exercises so that the student will practice more and not get left behind.


#4 Social tools

Voluxion includes social tools that help students interact with their peers and practice with each other online.

These tools include chat or video chat conversation groups and student communities with message boards, forums, etc.

Since these tools are in the cloud and available 24/7, students can log on to practice and improve their language skills and receive support from other students in the same circumstances.


#5 Immediate course updates

To meet the needs of learning centers or companies, Voluxion is scalable to Voluxion Pro, CAE’s LCMS which incorporates an authoring tool that allows you to create your own courses.

Dexway Authoring Tool shows its greatest potential with languages, allowing you to create and modify Dexway courses, either making small updates (adding new material) and/or creating new courses without starting from scratch, thanks to Dexway’s resources and R&D.

In any case, a cloud-based platform like Voluxion allows content to be updated immediately (with the click of a button) so it will be available the next time students load their language course.

Many centers use this option, for example, to add materials seen in class during week to the syllabus (articles from that week’s newspaper, movie trailers, TV series, etc.).

There are also many centers that differentiate themselves by customizing their online and offline courses by adding their own images, videos and exercises and thus adapt Dexway’s structure to their curriculum.


With Dexway’s language courses, the cloud-based LMS Voluxion maximizes its guarantees of user friendliness and accessibility.


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