Are wondering if you should hire an e-learning platform? If so, it is because you already know all the advantages of learning platforms in teaching and learning processes.

To help you make a decision, consider the following reasons why implementing LMS in your educational center is a good idea for teachers and students.

Teacher in a face-to-face class teaches with an e-learning platform

Why is it convenient to hire an e-learning platform?

Below we list the main reasons justifying the choice of e-learning solutions to improve academic training:


1.   Time-saving

One frequent concern motivating hiring LMS is the time teachers must spend preparing their lessons. Of course, it is a task with a lot of responsibility that is elaborated thoroughly. However, there are technological tools that speed up this task.

The use of a platform contributes to reducing the course preparation time. On the one hand, its functionalities help to structure the lessons in a clear and organized way. And, on the other hand, by choosing a SCORM-compliant educational platform, teachers can import and export their already created lesson plans without having to do them again.

In addition, an LMS allows you to automate tasks that normally involve a significant workload. For instance, assignment marking or exam grading, among others.

2.   State-of-the-art EdTech

Currently, we hear a lot about the importance of EdTech in modern teaching. Technological innovation in e-learning has invaded classrooms around the world to do its bit in the continuous enhancement of education.

In this regard, educational centers need an e-learning provider that offers technology tools that meet the current needs of the educational community.

The best e-learning platforms are known for including solutions that are essential today: online proctoring, gamification, analytics, automation of processes and tasks, SCORM, mobile learning, online classrooms, etc.


3.   Better follow-up of students

An LMS platform, like the one that CAE provides, offers data that allows the learning curve of each student to be observed. It is possible to see students’ progress in real time to offer a personalized educational experience.

This means that teachers can see the performance of each user on the platform, and suggest assessment activities after each lesson to ensure that everyone has acquired the required skills. Teachers can also observe behavior and interaction, as well as other indicators that provide valuable information for leading a course successfully.

With the help of monitoring tools, it is possible to avoid gaps in learning, detect which students are having difficulties and take corrective action in advance.


4.   Student motivation

Concerned about your students’ motivation as well? A learning management system (LMS) is an ally when it comes to motivating students.

The educational platform is designed so that students are the ones who guide their own learning, being active actors in their education. Thanks to attractive content, interaction, and gamification; students are motivated, work autonomously, and focus on their self-learning.

On the other hand, students perceive that their needs are considered and a space is created in which, for some students who speak less in face-to-face classes, it is easier to communicate and express their doubts and opinions.

Students can work individually or in groups. Communication among students and between students and teachers is seamless. In this way, a living educational community is created that benefits everyone.


5.   Flexibility

Teaching platforms facilitate an environment that is more flexible as to schedules and geographic location. Now it is possible to have students, hundreds of kilometers away, who attend class on time, and who complete the tasks whenever they have time to do them.

This type of education is suitable not only for young people but also for adults who work and need to combine their education with working life.

Likewise, education through a platform adapts more easily to each student’s pace, level and abilities. In this sense, we could say that a much more personalized teaching is possible.

When choosing an e-learning platform, it is important that you are aware of all those reasons that are important for your educational center.


At CAE there are educational platforms for face-to-face, online and blended training. In other words, the use of a platform is not exclusive to e-learning, it has multiple advantages in face-to-face classes that both teachers and students can take advantage of.

To know about many more EdTech solutions, contact us. Our team will be able to explain the different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your case.


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