E-learning has become a very common way to manage professional development. There are huge benefits to relying on online training courses to help employees to expand their knowledge base. Not only is the scope limitless – it’s possible to learn from experts who are based anywhere in the world – but they are also far more cost-effective than investing in in-person training.

A company who has embraced e-learning opportunities, may be wondering whether it’s time to introduce a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a software application that functions as a virtual classroom and makes it possible to keep track of the administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of e-courses.

In other words, a learning management system does for e-courses what a content management system does for a website: they keep everything well organised and easily accessible in one digital place.

So why invest in a learning management system? Benefits include…

learning management systems for business

#1. Giving all learners exactly the same experience with learning management system

One of the great things about learning management systems is that they allow companies to create a virtual learning environment that will be identical for every learner. A system like this enables users to set the order of modules, create time limits, share resources and make sure nothing gets lost in the process.

#2. Making it easy to keep track of progress with learning management system

LMS systems offer excellent reporting tools that allow administrators to see how well employees are doing on each e-course. It’s possible to see how quickly they’re getting through them, which areas they’re struggling with and which qualifications are about to expire. Even better: a good LMS will put all these reports in one easily accessible place!

#3. Ensuring learning is as straight-forward as possible

In order to make employees take learning seriously, it pays to make sure it’s as easy as possible. The beauty of an LMS is that it will ensure that each e-learning course works in exactly the same way. Employees won’t have to waste time getting to grips with each new course: they’ll already know exactly how the system works and will be able to jump straight into the course content.

#4. Keeping tabs on spending with learning management system

A central learning management system gives a clear picture of what each department of your company is spending on training. This can be difficult to do when it comes to working across various educational platforms as some financial data can be lost. An LMS will show the full figure with absolutely no ambiguity.

Want to know more about the benefits of learning management systems? CAE launched a new visual environment for the Voluxion training platform earlier in the year. Here are some of the main features.

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