plataformas educativas cae dexway inernacional learning mexicoMadrid, March 30th, 2015. — In the past 25th of March, the principal representatives of the training sector and human resources met in the 5th edition of the LearningMEX.

During the conference, 47 speakers had round-table debates and individual presentations about current topics of the sector: LMS adequacy, new training technologies, high-impact eLearning for talent retention and integration, corporate universities, training templates geographically decentralized, tools for generating a favorable student experience, use of tablets, school leadership 2.0 among other issues.

The events Gold Sponsors, CAE and Dexway, participated with a presentation focused on the educational sector where they displayed solutions aimed at the reinforcement of education in language laboratories.  The Dexway courses for language laboratories allow local network access without having to have an internet connection. Only a simple installation is needed for the main computer of the classroom, therefore allowing online/offline usage. Furthermore, their advanced technology makes accessibility from any devise possible: tablet, phablet or smartphone.  With this method, students can learn in a more natural and progressive way by participating in contexts that recreate actual situations, systematized in a learning environment that combines multimedia contents and live interaction with both teachers and students.

While the presentations were taking place, the LearningMEX workshops were also being carried out; sessions of free access that allowed the numerous attendees get acquainted in an interactive way the latest tools of eLearning, social learning, gamification and engagement. During the workshops, CAE presented its educational platform destined to corporate learning which stood out fundamentally for its effectivity (students can really learn inside a linguistic emersion environment), and its capacity to adapt to all users’ needs and the companies’ possibilities to easily calculate the return on investment through tools and follow-up reports.

The event turned out to be a huge success with over more than 500 attendees during the 2015 edition.