34 years of experience and a constant focus on giving our clients the best possible quality day after day means that our team makes a great effort to renew the certifications of international quality that we possess.

The experience and know-how of Computer Aided eLearning means that we add value to all of the technology and training solutions that we offer, for example, making sure that our online educational platforms and IT and language laboratories can synchronise online and offline, and the development of SCORM content which, over the years, has been used as a point of reference in technology for training. CAE‘s know-how and quality is prestigious and looked up to by professionals of the sector. This has motivated us to develop and invest even more in quality and R&D, the development of our language solution Dexway being an excellent example of this. Dexway is based on a unique methodology which take the user from the beginning to the end of the learning process with continuity and without missing any content.

Year after year the CAE team pushed itself to offer the best quality and the best results, which is reflected in our renovations of and commitment to the certifications which allow us to be more competitive and to continue offering top quality.

The following are the details of the Certifications:

UNE Norm 66181:2012 of quality management.

Quality of virtual training courses. This certification guarantees the characteristics of the online training so that the buyer can choose the products that best adapt to their needs and expectations, and consequently, the supplier can improve their offer and subsequently achieve the satisfaction of their clients or pupils.

UNE Norm 139803:2012 of accessibility requirements for web content.

The Spanish regulation establishes the accessibility requirements for the web content according to approved quality standards.

ISO 9001

Certification of quality management according to the international regulations that evaluates the administrative elements of quality that a company must implement in order to have an effective system that permits them to administrate and improve it.

Dexway, our language learning platform solution, also possesses these accreditations.Calidad Computer Aided Elearning