When it comes to digitalizing education and learning, many people are faced with the same questions:

  • What is an LMS, an LCMS and a VLE and what are the differences between them?
  • LMS, LCMS or VLE? Which is best for my project?

At CAE, we know that it is important for web platforms to adapt to specific learning needs. That is why it is essential to learn the differences between these terms.

LMS LCMS LVE: which one do yo need?


What is an LMS?

An LMS, (Learning Management System) is software made for managing online training, blended learning or laboratories.

The Voluxion platform, designed specifically for language teaching, allows all administrative and teaching tasks to be carried out within the same system. Voluxion LMS allows students to register, enables communication between students and teachers and permits access to course content. In addition, it has the most advanced tools for tracking and monitoring student progress by language skill when combined with Dexway content.

The functions that differentiate Voluxion from the rest of the learning platforms are the following:

  1. Specialized in language learning: every feature is designed to meet all language learning needs for blended, online and networked classrooms.
  2. Individual or group VCR (Virtual Classrooms) to connect with students and teach live classes.
  3. Lesson plans for teaching online classes.
  4. Cloud content available 24/7, accessible from any online and offline device using the APP for PC, Mac, Android and iOS.
  5. Gamification: in conjunction with Dexway courses, a gamified evaluation system is used, which helps keep students motivated and increase completion rates.
  6. Global or private virtual community.
  7. Class registration utilizing a timetable organized by day, time, teacher and subject.
  8. Log of hours


What is an LCMS?

Unlike an LMS, an LCMS (Learning Management Content System) allows you to create, develop and publish your own content to add to the learning experience.

Voluxion LCMS adds the ability to create content and courses easily under the SCORM/AICC standard from any format or by using predesigned templates to easily incorporate documents, videos or links to further customize the learning experience. This creates an essential e-learning Suite.


What is a VLE?

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a virtual space that brings technology and content together for e-learning training. It is a website that involves LMS/LCMS web platforms and content. It encompasses both course management and virtual classrooms so activities can be developed and students can access them to learn. Many times it is used as a synonym for LMS.

Thanks to content from Dexway Idiomas, Voluxion+Dexway offers the best virtual environment for learning languages.

If a company, organization or institution is interested in offering language training (in IT or a certain skill) with ready-made content, they must choose an LMS. If this training involves some kind of content customization (adding links, creating tests, sharing documents, etc.) an LCMS is required to perform such actions.

When it comes to languages, Dexway courses have a course creation tool to customize and create courses using Dexway’s libraries of images, videos and exercises, as well as their templates.


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