SCORM content is an important term in the e-learning industry. It’s a key standard that makes multimedia scorm content much easier for large companies and training organisations to implement. However sometimes, many of these organisations don’t know exactly what it means. Simply put, SCORM content is a set of technical best practices that many e-learning software companies are committed to upholding. It stands for: Sharable Content Object Reference Model. These technical best practices were developed by ADL, a research group in partnership with the United States Department of Defence. They have been in use worldwide since 2004.

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The idea behind these technical best practices is that multimedia content that complies with SCORM content will work well with all educational LMS (Learning Manegement System) platforms. One of the best ways to understand this is to think of e-learning course content as an MP3 music file: all digital music files will play on all digital music devices, regardless of the artist or genre. SCORM content aims to do the same thing will course content. The implications of this are huge. No longer will companies invest in a learning content management system only to discover that the e-learning content they want won’t run with it. All e-learning SCORM content is compatible with all SCORM educational LMS platforms.

This certainly makes managing the e-learning requirements of a large organisation far more straight-forward.

So why should companies and organisations choose SCORM content products?

•    Guaranteed compatibility with online educational platforms.

•    Improved cost-effectiveness as there are no additional costs for integrating content.

•    Interoperability means that multimedia content will still be usable even if a company choses to change or upgrade their LMS.

•    The technical standards of SCORM content means that all compliant e-learning content will be operated in the same way.

•    Employees and students will recognise standard SCORM content structure right away and will be able to get straight to work.

•    Interactive content that complies to SCORM best practices can be trusted to be usable and functional.

•    Choosing to work with standard technical best practices means that there will be a large range of technical support available.

•    SCORM e-learning products should be ready to use right away with no additional development necessary.

Enterprises and organisations who want to benefit from these advantages may like to take a look at our Voluxion learning management system and our range of e-learning courses, which are all SCORM content compliant.

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