LMS (Learning Management System) platforms are already a basic tool that any educational institution or company with a language training plan can not ignore. Thanks to virtual campuses, learning has become efficient and flexible, providing students with a digital environment where they can study at their own pace, learn from interactive materials and connect with students through social media tools.

Features That an LMS Platform Needs

However, not all LMS platforms meet the same requirements or offer specialized content. Therefore, before adopting one of these systems, it is very important to verify that it will meet all your needs.

In this sense, a comprehensive and up-to-date educational platform can not be lacking certain features that make a difference in usability and successful learning. Voluxion and Dexway have the most innovative features for language learning:


6 essential features for successful learning that are found in Dexway + Voluxion

#1 Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and analyzing student progress (as individuals and as a group) is necessary to correct problems before they become reasons for dropping out. Educational platforms should make it easy to extract all kinds of information and present it in detailed reports.

For language teaching, Dexway has the most advanced tool for monitoring and tracking (Dexway Analytics), which is able to track progress by language skill. This makes it much easier to develop reinforcement plans focused directly on the students’ weaker areas and to help them before they fall behind. For company training plans, it also allows shows the employees’ usage rate, completion rate, etc.

This is especially important when it comes to subsidized online courses, where the minimum requirements for this training must be met. Voluxion has all the essential requirements to guarantee a rewarding learning experience; in fact, the web portal has been deemed an example of how an LMS should be in regards to subsidized training.

#2 Gamification

This very fashionable word describes game dynamics applied to an objective other than entertainment; for example, in Learning Management System platforms, it would be applied to learning. Gamification is structured around educational web portals, aiming to increase student motivation and engagement and prolong students’ interest in the course until completion.

For Dexway and Voluxion, tutors utilize a gamified evaluation system that allows them to set objectives and measure achievements. With this information, the platform awards badges to students for their effort, progress or command of the language. These rewards are displayed in individual tables and leaderboards within the group, allowing student reputation to be used to boost their interest.


#3 Collaborative learning

Social media tools allow students to ask questions, practice the subject, etc. Access to an online community where students can talk with each other will benefit their progress in the course and will combat any feelings of isolation that they may face when taking an online course

The Dexway community (private or global) offers message boards, forums and chat groups with chat or video conferences so students can engage in discussions, answer questions, practice conversation skills or simply interact with other students at their same level.


#4 Efficient management

In addition to centralizing all learning into the same user-friendly channel, a good LMS must also manage all administration-related tasks, making it simple to automate all tasks in this area, as well as communicate with students and faculty. Voluxion allows you to handle both registrations and payments in the same place, manage schedules, follow student progress, download progress reports and evaluation results, etc.


#5 Customize the design and material

Educational institutions and companies can customize their platform to adapt it to their corporate image. The LCMS version, Voluxion Pro, also allows you to create your own materials so that your content is totally personalized.

Dexway language courses utilize the Dexway Authoring Tool, which grants you access to the entire library of images, videos, exercises and Dexway templates to create your own language courses. You can take advantage of all the material and R&D from CAE, a leader in the language e-learning sector with more than 40 years of experience.


#6 Management and cloud content

Working in the cloud means updates happen immediately, allowing you to add new features to the platform and send modifications to courses made with the LCMS or Authoring Tool (with the push of a button).

Voluxion Free, Voluxion Standard and Voluxion Pro platforms have all these features (gamification, monitoring, customization, management, social tools) applied to language learning, making this the only LMS/LCMS that is specialized in language learning on the market.


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