Creating an online language course can be very easy if you have the right technological ally. CAE has 40 years of experience as a leader in the e-learning sector of language teaching and offers the quickest and easiest way to create your own language courses. With just one click your course will be published, no technical knowledge required. With the help of CAE’s authoring tool, teachers and tutors can digitize their paper or PDF content and convert it into legitimate e-learning courses; that is, interactive and engaging courses that include multimedia.


CAE Authoring Tool


In 2015, the National Center on Time and Learning published a guide (Supporting Student Success through Time & Technology) explaining that using technology in the classroom enhances the learning experience as long as there are clear objectives and the correct steps are followed. In addition, one of the points made indicates the importance of choosing the right technology and software.

In that regard, specialized technology with decades of success in the industry is the best ally for language experts who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors and begin their digital transformation.


Creation of courses with CAE’s Authoring Tool

Creating online language courses with CAE’s Authoring Tool is very simple; in just a few seconds, language centers, franchises, schools or publishers can convert their paper-based courses into online courses.


#1 100% interactive predesigned templates

CAE’s tool for creating language courses offers authors pre-designed templates to ensure exercises are effective, as well as multiple formats to ensure that learning is as effective as it is varied and enjoyable. These exercises are 100% responsive for a perfect on-screen display on any device.


#2 User-friendly, no technical knowledge required

To create online courses quickly, CAE features a tool with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any technical expertise to use it. In a very short time you will get used to using this simple system to create and edit modules, lessons and exercises, upload audiovisual material or utilize user management for collaborative work.


#3 Video tutorials available

To answer any questions that may arise when using the course publishing platform, CAE provides its clients with complete video tutorials that cover all the functions of the platform: how to manage courses, modify and review exercises, publish courses, etc.


From the same platform, courses can be saved in SCORM format, the most compatible format in the learning platform market. For 100% specialized training with features unique to language teaching such as assessment by language skill or virtual classrooms with scheduling grids and class registration, CAE offers comprehensive solutions with LMS (Learning Management System), VCR and cloud hosting for an easy, quick and effective digital transition where you only have to worry about your content and how to manage your course offerings.


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