The flexibility of schedules offered by e-learning courses is perhaps the most appreciated advantage for students who choose this method of education. However, many language centers today still do not apply e-learning to their classes, which could help them to increase student attendance to their courses, increase student enrollment and avoid high drop-out rates during the course.

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E-learning languages: how to increase student attendance for your courses

Having online supplements for the classroom allows to the ability to implement different learning strategies that help to form more flexible groups.


#1 Flipped Classroom: reverse the traditional order!

Flilpped Classroom is a methodology that moves the theoretical classroom to home, allowing class time to be used in a much more practical way.

Reversing the traditional order of learning allows classroom hours to be used to solve doubts, debates, do practical exercises, etc… but also allows class groups to be much more flexible, by having an educational support outside the classroom. The language centers can adjust the agenda with extra practice exercises for those students who are below the level so they can catch up quickly.

With this methodology, the center separates from the rigidity of the classes and the levels so it can enroll more students.


#2 Face-to-face online classes: add virtual classrooms!

The number one concern of language learners is the class schedule. It will determine your enrollment. And it is normal, that students sign up for a course that they cannot attended. However, classroom hours cannot adapt to all applications with a traditional teaching method. One way to avoid losing student enrollment and tuition for hours is to rely on e-learning courses with integrated classes. This allows students to attend the course from any place where they have access to a web portal. In addition, the classes are integrated into the course so you can also take those lessons live online at any other time and not miss any class. This is something very useful for students who accumulate faults and ultimately decide to leave the course because they feel left behind. With access to recorded lessons they can easily work with their schedule and increase their attendance to courses.


#3 Registrations open all year round: 100% flexibility!

When applying e-learning methods, the courses do not have to follow a specific schedule and attending the course becomes totally flexible. Students have access to the syllabus on their web portal and can take the previous lessons at their own pace if they wish. The language center is responsible for reinforcement so that the student can get hooked quickly and be integrated into the course at any time of the year.


E-learning languages: how to avoid casualties

Both the implementation of Flipped Classroom and online classes provide flexibility to their courses which makes it easier for students to be motivated and engaged in classes throughout the year (and increase student attendance). Maintaining the interest in the beginning throughout the course is a simple objective when we have the support of specialized e-learning tools.

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