Educational systems do not provide an appropriate education for the new digital age. The World Economic Forum concludes in one of their studies that the system is failing to prepare the young people to be good professionals in the future. This study also introduces some ideas to align education and training with the requirements professionals will need within a few years.

This new age is usually called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms are making this new stage in history. They are responsible for a radical transformation in the way we communicate, learn, teach and even have fun.

Learning management systems for university

Of course, this transformation must also happen in the educational centres. Teaching methods need to be retaught. Innovative techniques and methodologies must be introduced to serve the students not only to be good professionals in the future, as the European Economic Forum says, but also to learn the values they need to develop in this new society.

What transformation should schools experience?

The traditional “computer classrooms”, where only one group can work on a computer during that class, are no longer enough. Nowadays, each student should have the option to log in at any time and have quality learning platforms.

Even though this seems like a logical evolution, there are still many that have distrust in the educational sector. How does technology affect the dynamics of the class and how does the education changes? The answer is clear: it changes completely.

Digital Solutions change the teacher and student’s role. It transforms the classroom into an environment where information travels in many directions: teacher-student, student-teacher, student-student. Internet and Digital Tools change the way they learn, and turn it into something fun, dynamic and complete.

Five keys of the education in the digital era

#1. Classrooms without limits. Students not only learn when they’re in the class. Digital extensions allow them to interact with the contents and the teacher at any time. In addition, they can access to endless content and resources.

#2. New role of the teacher. The teacher no longer transmits knowledge in one direction. He is now a coach, a guide for the individual development of students. He promotes teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Technological tools should never be understood as a substitute for teachers. On the contrary, they enhance their role.

#3. Personalized learning. Thanks to the flexibility of digital tools, students are no longer passive subjects in education. Now they can define and participate in their achievements. They benefit from an individualized, interactive and stimulating learning process.

#4. Everything is much easier. In many of these educational platforms evaluation is automatic and gamified, as in Dexway courses. This is a relief for teachers, who will be able to dedicate their time to plan interactive and dynamic face-to-face classes and evaluation turns into a positive tool (students ranking, achieved goals…).

#5. Higher motivation. By using their own language and following dynamic and interactive learning methods, students will find greater satisfaction. Also, the teacher, as on the one side, will benefit from this extra motivation in their students, and on the other side they will enjoy the comforts technology offers him.

Dexway, courses for the future

All these benefits have been taken into consideration on the development of Dexway courses.

  • Both students and teachers can access the course material at any time. Through our Voluxion platforms they can also communicate with their colleagues, tutors or even join a conversation group with students from all over the world.
  • Tutors will be able to benefit from all the possibilities offered by the courses to do interactive exercises in their face-to-face classes. They will guide the students in their learning process and even set personalized goals for each student without affecting the pace of the class.
  • Students will see their progress in real time. The teacher can have analytical results from the individuals or the whole group.
  • Thanks to gamified evaluation in Dexway courses, students are more motivated as they receive points, medals or cups for their achieved goals. Learning as if it was a game also improves their engagement and this will have a direct impact on their results.

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