In the last four years, the number of students who prefer Blended Learning over traditional learning (face-to-face) has been increasing. According to the study calledStudy of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology,” published at the end of 2017 by the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR), students are increasingly interested in blended learning while traditional learning loses popularity.

Blended Learning Dexway

By understanding what a blended learning education consists of, it is easy to understand the reasons that have led to this paradigm shift. Blended learning, also called semi-presential, hybrid or mixed learning, is the efficient combination of classwork and online study through LMS learning platforms that students can access from anywhere and at any time.

This type of teaching breaks free from the inflexibility of schedules and spaces of traditional teaching and offers new generations a close relationship with technology in education. This allows a more interactive and valuable learning experience, and the schools that choose this method greatly improve their students’ educational experience.


Advantages of Blended Learning for Students

# 1 Access to more resources

Learning platforms’ virtual environments provide access to all kinds of multimedia and interactive contents that significantly expand classroom teaching materials. Dexway language courses, in SCORM-compatible LMS platforms or through CAE’s LMS specialized in languages (Voluxion), immerse students in the course subject matter and include additional readings, videos, karaoke, magazines and forums…an added value to language teaching.

  • Students prefer blended learning because of the variety of online resources they can access to supplement their classwork.


# 2 Greater control of their learning

With access to these virtual platforms, students have greater control over their courses and can study at their own pace by reviewing the syllabus at any time and anywhere. This is especially important for students with special needs as it allows them to keep up with the pace in the classroom and reinforce what they’ve studied outside of class by using a variety of pleasant content that helps them stay interested and keep up the effort.

  • Students prefer blended learning because they are in control of the scheduling that access to an LMS educational platform gives them.


# 3 Relationship with new technology

For new generations, such as millennials, their relationship with technology defines their entire lifestyle. It is therefore natural that they also want it to be part of educational models. Dexway courses are accessible from any web browser on a PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphone. In addition, different applications for each operating system allow offline access, without losing any progress.

  • Students prefer blended learning because it allows them to study in a digital environment with virtual tools that they are comfortable with and frequently use in their daily lives.


The e-learning market, which includes all blended learning methods, (face-to-face classes, online classes, inverted classrooms, digital extensions of support, etc.), has been growing for years, according to analysts and will remain at a rate of over 5% per year at least until 2024 (Global Market Insights). It’s clear that students do not hesitate to take advantage of all the benefits of blended learning and it is a trend that will continue in the years to come.

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