Microlearning is a learning modality based on the brevity of the lessons. They are small training pills that allow the student to obtain a skill or knowledge in a short time. With only a few seconds, or up to 15 minutes maximum, the student can understand a concept through content and exercises focused on that topic.

The microlearning contents can assume different formats: videos, readings, activities, games, etc. This is a great advantage since students will be able to choose the format that works best for them when learning or the one that is more enjoyable. There are students who learn best by watching a video, reading a text or interacting with the activity, just as Mumford and Honey (2006) expressed in their description of learning styles.

Microlearning CAE

What are the advantages of microlearning?

# 1 Flexibility

Microlearning is, for its characteristic brevity, a perfect modality to learn at any time and place.

Nowadays that we find it difficult to find time to invest in our own training, having this type of activities allows us to carry out a lifelong learning. Also, this type of learning fits perfectly in the corporate world, since it quickly increases the productivity of human teams.

# 2 Customization

Thanks to the characteristic granularity of microlearning, students can customize their training by choosing which subjects they wish to study. A modular training allows them to choose from several concepts to specialize in and offers each student a personalized training experience based on their own interests. The contents are more relevant the more specific they are. Therefore, microlearning pills increase the interest and motivation of the student.

# 3 Multi Device

In relation to the flexibility of microlearning, it is important that students can access the training pills from any device: computers, mobile phones and tablets, and that the contents are able to synchronize between devices. If students have short lessons available, ready to consume at any time, they can access them not only from home or the training center, but also in any situation where they have a mobile or tablet at their disposal. That is, they can learn while they wait at the doctor or during the bus ride.

# 4 Efficiency

Creating an effective microlearning involves carrying out good content curation. This makes retention easier, since the volume of information that is processed is smaller and more relevant. In this way, the student can be focused and incorporate knowledge more quickly.

# 5 Update

Educational pills can be updated and modified very easily and thus maintain or increase the impact they have. In addition, the fact that the exercises focus on very specific topics facilitates their tagging and allows faster searches.


CAE courses are structured in different units with different lessons within them that work on specific concepts. In addition, CAE has the Dexway Authoring Tool, with which it is very easy to create microlearning content for language courses.


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