The language center franchises need tools that allow them to ensure the same (and maximum) quality of education in all their centers. The CAE e-learning solution to boost language franchises allows you to create your own Shareable Content Object Reference Model, (SCORM) language courses with the CAE authoring tool to standardize your classes and get the most out of advanced technology for language training. The CAE Authoring Tool is the only course creation tool specially designed for the development of language materials. Therefore, it has specific tools such as voice recognition and objectives to each exercise, which will later form the memory of common objectives of the course. In addition, it allows you to create content in minutes, without technical knowledge, thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Dynamize language franchises with Authoring Tool CAE
The Authoring tool allows you to transform the contents in paper and audiovisual materials dispersed from your language franchises, in interactive and multimedia courses to use as support for your classroom and for your students online. In addition, it allows you not to depend on the quality of teachers, but helps you maintain the quality standard throughout the training process. By introducing interactive courses in their language centers through digital extensions to the classroom or online classes, their teachers will have the necessary material to implement the flipped classroom method. This method of teaching reverses the traditional order of the classes: the students prepare the lesson at home and in the classroom questions are solved and practical exercises are carried out. With an e-learning course for your language classes, it will open doors to apply new trends, save costs and enroll more students.


Dynamize language franchises: 6 advantages of creating your own course


#Tailored content

The most important reason for language center franchises to create their own courses is the possibility of creating tailored content and adding their personality on them. To stand out from the competition, nothing better than being oneself and putting into value what differentiates us from the competitors. When you create your language courses from scratch with the CAE tool, you have the most advanced technology for the creation of e-learning content, backed by more than 40 years of experience in the sector and with success stories such as the Dexway courses distributed internationally.


# 2 Centralized management

When creating language courses for their franchised centers, management ensures that the same subject is taught in all the centers and that all the students reach the same level. The courses in the cloud are shared, and any modification (update, additions, etc.), are automatically accessible by all students in all centers (if desired).


# 3 Allows or facilitates the division of work

These updates and the work of creating new materials allow, if desired, the participatory work between the different centers or only from the master franchisor. The tool for creating CAE language courses allows collaborative work, with sessions for teachers and the possibility of sharing projects.


#4 Your own bank of exercises

Each new exercise created by a teacher for a class with the CAE authoring tool is saved in a common bank of exercises that can be added to any course.


# 5 Paper free

With the language e-learning course accessible from tablets and smartphones as support for face-to-face classes, you do not need photocopies or books. The exercises are integrated into the lessons and you can create all the theory for the units, and a host of active practice exercises such as listening or videos, as you wish.


# 6 Own identity growth

By creating its own uniform method in all its centers, the identity of its franchise becomes even greater and more recognizable. Gain personality and offer your students a unique content, which you will not find anywhere else. If desired, with the educational platform in languages, you can have evaluation reports and monitor activities, and exams.


The ubiquitous digital transformation is more important, if possible, the larger the company in which it is undertaken. A network of private language teaching centers, or language franchises, needs to centralize its management and have integrated tools that allow it to have an integral control of the administration and the training offered. Therefore, for an implementation of its courses with the best support, CAE has educational platforms and virtual language classrooms to get the most out of its contents by adding conversation groups, gamification, reservation grids or evaluation by linguistic competences.


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