The training in enterprises is much more profitable using an educational platform for e-learning that allow effective monitoring of learning progress of the team of the company.

Why choose an educational platform for your company?

Customized training plans for companies guarantee the optimization of time and enable the HR department to keep a detailed tracking control for skills advancement and progress in every moment of learning, without gaps, ensuring ROI. Thanks to the educational platform of CAE, you can manage structured language courses lesson plans that allow a pleasant learning adapted to the user level and quality, individually, providing consistency and safety in learning the language while advancing all levels. You can also integrate conversation lessons in the course, giving the user a continuous participation in the educational environment.
The online education platform of Computer Aided E -learning for enterprises offers without leaving the course, additional materials over 300 additional hours of language immersion grammar books following the structure of the course in PDF, Audio Book MP3, Apps, integrated dictionary, Community of exclusive language … etc.

The online learning platforms reduce costs, improve attendance at training lessons with individual attention, and can also incorporate live lessons with tutors through CAE Virtual Classroom.

What are the benefits of an educational platform for your company?


An online educational platform offers you the latest technology adapted to the current needs of businesses and continuous improvement of online tools (LCMS, Learning Content Management System…) and professional training courses which it offers, to provide innovative solutions. The aim is to train company professionals in languages.


Improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff, improving their competencies thanks to the latest online professional training, with our structured method and progressive, practical learning. This prepares them for the current needs of the market, thus making them more efficient and effective in their work. Thanks to the online educational platform, your employees will master the language, acquiring international qualities which will allow them to be more competitive in their work. Furthermore, their confidence will be strengthened when using the language.


The e-learning format through the educational platform will allow you to allocate and train your employees on a massive scale at an international level, without the need for physical resources, thanks to new technologies, as well as exploiting courses to the maximum with unlimited users.



The educational platform of CAE assists businesses in the management of human training. They are complete Virtual Campuses where on one hand the employee has access to updated content of the course, announcements and notifications, virtual classrooms, etc.; and on the other hand the company can easily evaluate the progress of the employees using the course at an individual or group level, easily communicate with them through the platform, and create detailed reports.


E-learning improves the knowledge of businesses through the constant training of their employees. It also encourages the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences at an international level, as there are now no geographic limits with the educational platform. It creates a community which helps synergy and networking between employees from different departments or headquarters of the company.


Through professional training solutions you will be able to save training costs, being able to train your employees without the costs of logistics or methodology, contracting teachers, classrooms or sending them away for training with significant travel, accommodation and food costs. Thanks to the educational platform you will save a lot of time in the your employees’ learning, as it is a very cost-effective way of training and updating employees without contracting new ones trained in the latest trends. Your employees will feel incentivised and motivated by the company, thus obtaining better results and productivity in their functions.


The online educational platform for businesses offers you greater flexibility when training your team. They can study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also allows a better use of time and performance in learning. On many occasions, work schedules of companies make it difficult for professionals to increase their training. E-learning offers a greater flexibility in their schedule.


The online educational platform is accessible and mobile. Your employees will be able to access the educational platform or online course at any time, in any place and from any device, thus providing them with training in new disciplines or languages. This eliminates the barriers of distance and time, as they will be able to organise their pace of learning to suit them, from work, travelling, or from their own home.


E-learning educational platform aids the balance between work and personal lives, as it is flexible, with multiple activities. With work, trips, family, children, leisure, etc., employees can organise their pace of learning and timing to meet the deadlines of the online courses.


Our technology is constantly being developed, guaranteeing quality educational solutions for business. It provides them with confidence and a tested methodology. Our 40 years of experience and know how in training projects and teaching techniques is applied to e-learning, allowing us to carry out professional language and computing training from a rigorous perspective which seeks academic excellence while motivating students to advance in their learning.


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