PersonalizarCursosAs we have seen in the previous posts, each student has a different pace and way of learning. E-Learning training and blended learning is the perfect match to create training environments adapted to students’ learning preferences and needs. This time of year makes it easier to impart class from wherever and at the same time students can follow the training course at different times according to the students’ availability.


The creation of the eLearning course using the solutions developed by Computer Aided ELearning (CAE) has presented multiple possibilities. Hereafter, we will provide a series of passwords so that you, as well as your students can take maximum advantage of the virtual educational platforms (CAE).

  • Read: We are aware that the lack of time has made us want to read less or to not pay attention to what we read, but in this case it is important. In CAE, we have created a user’s guide that shows you in a simple way all the parts and functionalities of the virtual classroom: Create contents, upload them to the platform, design activities, evaluate students, receive and answer questions, etc. This guide will orient you and help you navigate through the resources found in this environment in an easy and intuitive way, as well as a lot of practical information that will be of great benefit.
  • Take advantage of the synergies that blended learning has to offer: In the first place, it is not convenient to buy in-person courses with an online course. The online courses contribute to notable advantages in what respects the in-person courses. In addition, with CAE’s blended learning you can combine and optimize both of them. On the other hand, the CAE LMS platforms allow you to introduce multimedia activities in your in-person classes which will awaken the students’ motivation as well as a series of online training that facilitate the students to continue with the classes outside the classroom from wherever according to the students’ rhythm. Our eLearning software allows access from any mobile device (computers, smartphones, phablet, tablet) and it also gives you the option to download Dexway language courses to access them offline using our App for the LMS platforms. Create units and lessons in function of the characteristics of the group: Once you have defined your group and students’ level, create course units and start to upload class material. You can benefit from the materials elaborated by CAE, with more the 34 years of experience, and combine it with your own material inside the didactic units designed this way for a complete personalized program.
  • Promote CAE’s collaborative community: We offer collaborative training with resources that guarantee the 3.0 learning, giving natural limelight to socialization and sharing knowledge between students of the same or from various centers (your choice). Students can communicate and share experiences through CAE’s 3.0 educational platform. Each course can belong to a community and each community can be linked to one or various courses. Students will be able to participate in as many communities and courses they are enrolled in. The CAE community promotes collaborative learning, our classrooms or meeting rooms allow students to get together and share knowledge and experiences LIVE. In addition, this community disposes of a private and public chat, forum questions and topics for discussion, it allows  you to add users or regular contacts to your friend list, create meeting rooms to study in group, private or public, etc. Ultimately, endless possibilities to encourage collaborative learning online to learn and help other users regardless of which country they live in due to the fact that CAE eliminates frontiers and obstacles for a free and universal eLearning training.
  • Motivation through accomplishments: Through recognition of achievements, the students obtain trophies and prestige depending on the course progress in which the student is enrolled in, as well as in the level of participation they maintain in the CAE collaborative community. Depending on how and to what extent they participate, as well as in the valuation that they obtain when they help other users, they will receive a score which will indicate to the rest of the students their reputation and credibility inside their training area.
  • Respond to your students wherever or whenever: One of the advantages of mobile learning is that it allows communication between students and teachers at all times. Student follow-ups are carried out in real time in different units and competences. In this way we can adapt learning according to the different phases of the training process and additionally, offer our students continuous support and advice.
  • Access to detailed reports to evaluate your students:  Our training platforms allow us to remove detailed reports of each student per unit or lesson, like a final performance report. These evaluations can be removed at any moment of the course allowing us to carry out a detailed follow-up of the students’ capacities and learning rhythm. This way you can adapt the material to their real needs. In addition, it is possible to program daily reports on the basis of certain conditions so that the system can inform you about the students that require more attention.

Your opinion matters: It is important for us to know your opinion and of your students about our eLearning courses and training platforms. For this reason we encourage you to share your impressions and suggestions about the training course and CAE learning platforms.

CAE training solutions use the most advanced technology and the most innovating pedagogical contents to offer a personalized learning experience and adapt the needs of schools and organizations of the XXI century. The pedagogues, creative artists, designers, web team and CAE technical support form a team aiming for a single objective which is to satisfy our clients’ needs and assure a progress inside the training process. In CAE, the clients’ satisfaction and the fulfillment of their objectives is our goal.

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