The main objective of educational e-learning courses and programs is to train companies, organizations, professionals and individuals, in any subject. They combine a comprehensive and interactive teaching method mixed with practical and intuitive learning. When a company, organization or an educational institution, decides to look for a training solution for their employees, either on languages, computer science, or specialized training on different sectors, they can hire training experts that offer complete online courses or user licenses. But what are the key factors to decide what best suits the learning needs of your company?

Both online course or course license, must be integrated into a platform with SCORM standards, this means, accessible, adaptable, durable, interoperable and reusable.

diferencias curso online licencia en formacion e-learning

Course vs License

#1. Online Course

On one hand, online courses are innovative programs that provide students with a comprehensive online learning experience including interactivity, effectiveness and progression through automatic course updates. They are also complemented with personalized tutoring from specialized educators that clear up doubts and complete the learning needs of every student.

#2. License

On the other hand the license is the authorization or permission to use a particular online course as a complete and innovative e-learning program for businesses and professionals on a specific subject, from languages, computer science, to specialization on specific professions.

#3. Mentoring: With or without tutoring

The principal difference is that e-learning courses are complemented with educators tutoring that provide closeness as an added value to an eminently practical training. Tutoring is an essential complement, being a personalized and individualized element that complements student’s training. Tutors accompany the students to successfully complete a course, being proactive, providing confidence, resolving doubts instantly and especially motivating students in achieving their objectives. On the contrary, an online course license has no tutoring included, only the temporary use of the course, so it can either be offered to a business professional, or companies can autofill training resources with their own tutors.

#4. Which of them is the best option for my company?

Both options are valid; it will depend on the specific needs of each company or educational institution. Learning methodology is the added value of both, furthermore the quality, the ongoing update, content innovation and being able to choose a trustworthy provider with expertise on professional and companies training.

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