The future of online training is a topic of great interest for private organizations like public institutions. According to a recent report carried out by different consultants, the organizations’ productivity is closely bound to learning. This success is marked by the capacity of personalization and the user’s adaptation. In the beginning of the year, CAE and Dexway have participated in various studies and meetings where they analyzed the development of online training for the following years: GES 2015, the most important eLearning fair in the United Arab Emirates and the presentation of “Learning Naturally: Benefits of ELearning” imparted in the Next Learning Generation or LearningMEX 2015.

In general, the studies indicate that throughout 2015 the traditional vision of online training based in eLearning platforms (LMS) will change and increasingly, learning will be more focused in the user tending towards personalized teaching methods and adaptive technologies. In continuity, we will comment on the five principal trends that will mark the immediate future of online training.

Adaptive learning is an educational method which modifies its contents and ways of learning according to each student, selecting information about their learning habits, knowledge, weaknesses and strengths of each user. The advantage of this innovation trend is that it makes the content more dynamic and interactive, placing the student in the middle of their learning experience. The applied technology allows an analysis of the evolution and the students’ learning curve when they use digital content, recommending the tutors a sequence to follow according to what they have learned and consolidated. For this reason we use the big data analysis and web analytics, as well as learning analytics which allow you to identify the students’ needs faster and therefore develop a personalized study plan for each student.

Mobile learning

If we take into account that one person consults their mobile device up to 170 times, it is therefore not surprising that mobile learning is also an inevitable trend in education. Among the advantages, apart from the immediacy and mobility, according to some experts in education and new technologies, the good use of these devices can lead to enhance their performance due to the fact that it promotes a greater involvement for students which can be difficult to achieve through traditional teaching. Nevertheless, the true success of mobile learning is that it allows the teachers as well as the students to maintain constant contact at any moment of the day, enabling in this way an individualized training adapted to the user’s needs in each moment.

Blending learning

Blended or mixed learning has gained lot of territory inside the training world since it combines the best of face-to-face learning with the advantages of online training. Unlike traditional education where the classroom focus is on the teacher, in blended learning the use of multimedia materials is allowed and the students become the protagonist of their own learning process, constructing together with the educators their own knowledge. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this type of blended learning is that it promotes inclusive training. This mix between face-to-face and blended learning facilitates the students to carry out a type of learning more direct and personalized which allows students with special educational needs to adapt.

Video learning

Ever since the Lumière brothers became the first filmmakers and previously the emergence of televisions, the audiovisual culture is every time more present in our society as a way of consumption of information and knowledge. The ways to train the personnel of the organizations also adapts to these social changes. That is why the incorporation of new technologies and the importance of the images that has acquired over recent times have resulted in a new training technique: video learning. Throughout this year, there will be an increasing use of videos to spread training contents, as well as the use of videoconferences which allow a more direct relation with students and teachers and a greater approach to the traditional ways of education.

Learning analytics

Learning analytics is based on data analysis that each student leaves behind in their training performance. Through the information extracted from the LMS systems, mobiles, laptops and even social networks and blogs, the teacher can adapt the learning process according to the students’ rhythm and preferences. In other words, this analytic process allows us to bring the training database forefront and it is used to make each student have a better learning experience. Thanks to the use of analytics, teachers, students, corporations and institutions can share information and continue building learning projects and have a more effective performance.

In CAE, these five trends are already a reality given the fact that we have been developing innovative technology solutions for learning for more than 34 years. We always think of our students as well as in the center of the training process.

Following these premises, Dexway’s language courses were created and appointed the Best ELearning Product of 2011 by AEFOL due to its notable quality and innovation. According to the judges: “Their pedagogic innovations contribute to a new model of enormous success in the market worldwide, contributing to differential elements like the possibility to speak with other tutors anytime or every day of the year from their own software, online group classes with teachers with contents of their level, a complete tutorization that includes follow-ups or a virtual community to interact with other students from all over the world; among many other advantages”.

In Computer Aided ELearning (CAE) we are proud to count with the recognition of the entire eLearning training sector, for our hard work and extensive investigation and development of better technological solutions in the training sector. As a referent company, we implement in all our products the latest trends and the most advanced technologies having examined them to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectivity in online training. The key to success of our products is due to the fact that all our efforts are focused in satisfying the user’s needs and the guarantee of their evolution in the learning process of any material. Ultimately, the excellence of our eLearning training is our reason to be. If you are interested in obtaining more information please click on the following link:

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