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Communication, follow-ups, tracking, dynamization, coaching, evaluation, mobility…

These are, for the majority of the training professionals, the essential attributes that a training project should have in order to be successful and the essential keys to eLearning training and blended learning. With the aim to respond to the tutor or project manager needs, CAE has designed CAE Learning Management System (CAE LMS), a management system that does not only reunite all these characteristics but that allows the training responsible to manage all the necessary resources of the project, reaching in a short space of time the necessary highlights to lead a quality process training in a simple and intuitive way.

CAE LMS is the most complete and innovative system in eLearning training and blended learning that puts within the users reach a wide range of resources and possible combinations: Training tools, follow-ups, synchronous and asynchronous participation, active or passive, collaborative or guided learning. Ultimately, more than an eLearning platform, it can be said that CAE LMS is the best friend of any training manager, tutor, teacher, facilitator, webmaster or entrepreneur that decides to go through with a training project for his or her employees.

That’s why along with these series of posts, we will reveal how to take advantage of the resources of this eLearning solution, so that you can achieve with success the objectives of your training program in a fast and efficient way and with the maximum profitability.

In any training process or educational activity, time management is extremely important. To determine what or when something will be done, to communicate with all the implicated parts and assign the necessary resources makes, on the one hand, students feel secure, since they perceive that it has to do with a planned and organized training program where the material has been chosen and focalized according to their needs. And, on the other hand, tutors also feel secure because they have a series of structured, organized and planned resources that facilitate the learning process and assure a successful training.

To speed up the course planning and to achieve an efficient time management, CAE LMS has a programmable notification system through which the training responsible or tutor can perform the following actions:

  • Program an automatic email facility based on the following conditions:
    • Date: Create a notification for a specific date or according to an introduced date in the system. For example, use the date that is featured in the students’ profile to wish them a happy birthday.
    • Registration: An informative message is sent when the student has registered in the CAE LMS.
    • Enrollment: An informative message is sent when the student has enrolled in a course.
    • Pre-registration: An informative message is sent when the student has pre-registered in a course.
    • Start of course: Email about the beginning of the course a few days before or the same day the course starts.
    • End of course: Email about the course completion a few days or the same day the course finishes.
    • Progress: A message is sent after X days, after a certain percentage of days of the duration of the course or when the percentage of the course is the same, less or more than what you wish to indicate.

This type of notifications will help to encourage the lagged student, as to congratulate the student that is obtaining good results.

  • No access to the course: A message is generated when the student hasn’t accessed the platform after a certain amount of days or after a percentage of days in what respects the duration of the course.
  • Lesson: A message is sent when the student accesses or completes a specific lesson. For example, to inform or request an action to the student in reference to an issue related to that specific lesson or any other that follows.
  • Personalize the layout of the notifications: Just as if it was about a webpage with a simple text editor, tutors can personalize their notifications through formatted texts, images, tables, links, attachments, etc.
  • Individualize the information according to the student: To promote a more personalized and direct communication, the program gives you the possibility to personalize the messages through a series of tags that will be substituted with the students’ personal data when the messages are sent. For example, their complete name or first name, username and access password, course reference in which the student is enrolled in, start and end date, grade and completed percentages, links of direct access to the course content, first lesson of the course, last lesson which you have accessed; as well as other tags of utility or interest for the tutor.
  • Select the recipient of the notifications: The user can preselect only the student, tutor, client or all of the aforementioned, or a specific group to inform them about the enrollment or enrollments of a specific student.
  • Choose between various languages: The same notification can be sent in the students’ language and if it deals with language courses, it can also be sent in the language of the course to make the language immersion more effective. Also, it allows the message to be sent in both languages, so that the student can compare both texts. The system gives you the possibility to send notifications in more than 10 languages.
  • Choose different notification systems: The same notification can be sent by the LMS internal messaging system, by email or by SMS, by all the previous ways mentioned or by the one the student chose.

Such an advanced notification system allows us to carry out a better course coordination, saving time and resources, and without neglecting a personalized and high-quality attention to the student. The clear and intuitive design of the CAE LMS platform also allows us to manage notifications in a simple way with no training or previous knowledge needed.

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