CAE has an experience of more than 40 years developing training solutions for large enterprises and educational institutions around the world and after years of continuous improvement and innovation offers the most advanced virtual environment that integrates all CAE technology in a single educational solution.

CAE aims to work every day to provide a user experience, improving the usability of its solutions. As every client has different needs, we added a new distinguishing feature of our educational platforms with the ability to create new visual themes for the portal of the student, allowing you to change the color scheme and text fonts to fit the image of each client.

plataforma educativa incorpora nuevos temas visuales personalizables

The user experience is a factor that influences the engagement of students making them feel part of the organization or institution to which they belong. The CAE customers can customize to your liking the web portal or virtual campus offering students easily and according to your corporate image.

We think every day in the advantages we can offer our customers, improving learning environments and updated content so they can always have access to the most comprehensive and updated solutions with the latest technology.

plataforma educativa incorpora nuevos temas visuales personalizables


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