The type of technologies for your language school and educational resources we have at our fingertips today are a whole world away from the tools used in previous generations. In just two decades we’ve progressed from using technology such as the floppy disk to impressive futuristic tools such as virtual learning environments (VLEs) and video conferencing software.One of the great things about the eLearning industry is how committed it is to staying at the forefront of new technologies. This is great news for schools and other education providers as it means you can be sure you’re always using the absolute best up-to-the-minute tools for your students. Adopting this approach within your organisation will help you to offer your students the best possible learning experience and ensure you are doing everything you can to support achievement.

If you’re thinking about investing in an online training platform for schools, there are many key things to think about. One of the most important of these factors is how future proof the distributor of educational platforms you’re working with is.

When you invest in learning management software, you will want to be sure that you’re working with a software provider that is going to continue to support you and your organisation in the future. Make sure the distributor of learning management software you’re working with supports research and development into new learning technologies, and that they will be offering access to these new technologies for your language school to their existing software users.

Should you look into choosing us as your distributor of learning management software, we believe we have a great amount to offer you. Here are five new technologies we can make available for your school with our specialist learning management system and our learning content management system (LMS/LCMS).

Technologies for your language School

Technologies for your language school (using our LMS)


#1. New Technology:  Virtual classrooms integrated

Imagine teaching integrated live classes online to individuals or groups of students. The great thing about doing this virtually is that it doesn’t matter where the tutor or students are based. Our online training platform for schools offers a comprehensive virtual space for this, including a virtual whiteboard on which you can share documents, videos, exercises or other applications. As an expert distributor or educational platforms, we also understand how important it is to be able to save these teaching sessions, so any class you teach in our virtual classroom can be recorded for future use.

#2. New Technology: Automated assessments

Assessment is a really important part of the learning process. Our online learning platform for schools makes it easy for teachers and tutors to manage this part of the course. They have easy access to a range of assessment options, including a full range of exercises and activities. Once their students have sat these assessments, the software will handle all the marking and provide teachers with a comprehensive report.

#3. New Technology: Exhaustive student tracking

As a distributor of learning management software we believe that the better you’re able to track your students, the better you’ll be able to support them to succeed. Our online training platform for schools keeps track of how each student is performing. It highlights the areas where individual students or groups may need additional support and therefore helps to reduce course abandonment rates.

#4. New Technology: Online study groups integrated

One of the most valuable parts of a face to face educational environment is the peer support students receive from each other. In order to replicate this, make sure you choose a distributor of educational platforms that offers online study groups. These can encourage students to interact with each other about course content and can make group projects a breeze.

#5. New Technology for your training centre: Interactive content packs

A distributor of learning management software could help you to better meet the needs of your students. Voluxion, our online training platform for schools, comes complete with a full range of interactive content packs that are ready for your teachers and tutors to implement right away. These content packs utilise up to the minute educational technology to complement the learning process. All our content is structured to follow the CEFR, is available in eight different languages and covers levels A1 to C1.

As a distributor of educational platforms, we appreciate just how important new technology is to the learning process. Because of this we are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of eLearning technology and ensuring we always offer the most exciting new technology to the users of our learning management systems (LMS) and learning content management systems (LCMS).

If you’re looking for a distributor of learning management software (technologies for your language school) that can support growth and development in your educational centre, we would love to speak to you. Why not get in touch with us to discover what Voluxion our online training platform for training centres could do for you

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