A learning content management system, also known as an LCMS, offers a wide range of benefits. These digital learning platforms are used by all kinds of organisations to manage, create and deliver eLearning provision.

Many schools, colleges, universities, language schools, training providers and corporate businesses alike all rely on learning content management system software to provide a comprehensive eLearning platform for their students and/or employees.

If your organisation is thinking about investing in an LCMS, you may be keen to know more about some of the benefits of these popular digital tools.

Before you can start to understand the benefits of an LCMS, however, it’s important to understand the difference between a learning content management system and a learning management system.

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What is the difference between an LCMS and an LMS?

Both these types of software can be hugely beneficial for those organisation who seek to provide their learners with an eLearning platform, but the LCMS and the LMS actually offer very different capabilities.

The clue to the differences between these two types of software lies in the extra letter. The ‘C’ in LCMS stands for ‘content’, and this gives an insight into how these two digital tools differ.

As a general rule, a learning content management system deals with the management of learning content including course materials and resources, whereas a learning management system usually fulfils more of an administrative role and helps organisations keep track of learner details, course scheduling and course subscriptions.

It’s important to note that the difference between these two types of eLearning platform is not always this clear cut. Many LCMS programs include tools for managing course administration concerns while some LMS programs include tools for creating and manipulating course content.

What are the benefits of an learning content management system?

An LCMS is an eLearning platform that is likely to bring big improvements to any organisation that invests in it.

Organisations have reported a huge number of benefits to using this software. These include the following:

1.More productive collaboration amongst staff members

If your organisation requires staff members to regularly work together to create new course content, you’ll likely find that an LCMS has a big impact on how efficiently this is able to be done. It can be extremely helpful to have a central digital hub where staff members can work on eLearning content together, with no danger of documents getting mislaid, overwritten or confused.

2. The ease of intelligent automation

One of the major benefits of investing in a high quality learning content management system is the many opportunities they offer for powerful automation. The system can be used to create intelligent content templates that will auto-populate with relevant resources. This can be an extremely efficient way to put together revision materials, design teaching resources and manage the assessment process.

3. Increased personalisation options

The growth of automation within the LCMS market means that this kind of eLearning platform can be used to improve the personalisation options given to each individual student. Intelligent LCMS software can curate learning content that’s personalised to the needs of each individual student.

4. More efficient course management

Because an LCMS makes it so much more straight forward to build quality learning content and present valuable resources, the whole course management process can become so much more efficient. Teachers, tutors and support staff can reduce the amount of time they need to spend putting together learning content and focus more of the energy on working directly with learners.

5. Smaller course development costs

The time saved in using a learning content management system to build new course content can relate directly to lower course development costs. The more straight forward an eLearning platform can make this process, the more likely it is that a training organisation will be able to divert resources into developing new courses, modules and other learning resources.

6. Faster improvement in learners

Surely one of the most significant benefits of a learning content management system is the fact that using one can translate directly into a markedly faster improvement in learners. This is due to a number of reasons. Greater course personalisation helps, as does teachers/tutors having more time to spend with students and a greater variety of course materials and resources on offer.

It’s well worth noting that not all LCMSs are created equal. If your organisation is planning on investing in a digital management tool such as this, it would be wise to do your research and take a good look at what all the different LCMS providers have to offer.

Why not start by taking a look at our range of LCMS tools and considering whether one of them might be right for your organisation?

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