There is no doubt of how important language learning is. The great changes that technology has brought to society did not apply to the education sector with the same speed. Therefore, it is urgent to offer a language training that responds to the needs of students. That means training should be linked to technology and the connected world we live in. The creation of our own online language courses brings us countless advantages and in this article, we analyze some of them.

Dexway language online courses


What are the reasons to create your own online language courses?


# 1 Content customization

The most important reason to want to create your own online courses is the possibility of creating custom content and printing your personality on them. Having your material centralized, the management of all your educational content is much easier. In this way, it is possible to create personalized training actions and design your own content. You can upload your own videos, links to YouTube, websites of interest or files in different formats.

# 2 Increase in academic performance

A learning platform that makes it possible for us to create our own courses and not only host them will allow us to include activities that follow active learning strategies. Experts associate active learning with better academic results, as stated on The Impact of Active Learning on Students’ Academic Performance, by the Tuskegee University, Alabama. Moreover, student motivation increases when they see their study has been useful.

# 3 Assessment customization

Creating our own courses allows us, on the other hand, to personalize the way we assess the student. Thus, we can establish the parameters that we consider best suited to each training. The type of assessment will depend on the level, the type of students taking it or its purpose. In addition, with an LMS or educational platform such as that of CAE, you will be able to know at all times the updated evolution of the students. Furthermore, you can evaluate their progression in the course and create your own tests easily.

# 4 Content reuse

When using content that already exists for the creation of our courses, it is not necessary to design each training from scratch, especially if we use the SCORM format. The advantages that this entails are not few: it shortens the time it takes to produce the material, the quality of the content increases and it is much easier to keep it updated.

# 5 Centralized management

In the case of centers with more than one venue, the creation of their own courses allows that the training in their centers is the same. This means that all venues teach the same contents in the same way. This allows us to analyze the results of the different centers in order to carry out the necessary changes in order to improve. Depending on the conclusions of our analysis, we can choose whether to implement the changes in the courses of all the venues or only in those of a specific one.

# 6 Branding

When creating your own online content, the identity of your center will be more recognizable. There is nothing better to stand out from our competition than to give value to what make us different. Let your students see that the content you offer is unique and that they will not be able to find it in any other center.

CAE offers the Dexway Authoring Tool, which makes it very easy to create content for online language courses from Dexway’s extensive multimedia content base. Its materials guarantee a natural, progressive and effective teaching, structured according to the CEFR.


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