Teach online classes has the great advantages offered by e-learning. The pace of life that most people take among work, family, and/or commitments, does not leave us much time for study. However, one way to steal hours a day and be able to sign up for that course we need, or even that we just want, is to attend online classes.

Teach online classes

This is a reality that the training and language academies cannot ignore: making their schedules more flexible opens their doors to greater business opportunities. On the one hand, they allow many students who cannot combine rigid class schedules, to enroll. On the other, they make the hours of their teachers much more profitable and offer more classes with fewer classrooms. A double victory for which it is essential to carry out a digital transformation of the hand of innovative technology in the e-learning sector, as enjoyed by all customers of CAE Computer Aided E-learning.


Digital transformation to give online classes

To teach online classes you must first be clear about the concept. It is not about bottling a pre-recorded audio and offering it. But to take the same class that is taught in a classroom to online by videoconference. CAE online classes offer their teachers a simple and very comfortable environment to use: with virtual whiteboard and repository of materials so that they feel like in their own class.

Classes have audio, video and chat and participants can interact with each other during class.


Videoconference that imitates the classroom

Online classes have nothing to envy about on-site classes in the classroom. They have their whiteboards and their procedures to interact between students and teachers (such as raising their hands).

Besides the advantage that students do not have to travel and can adapt their schedules better, for the center there are also many advantages. For starters, the hours of your professors in your company are more profitable, since they do not have to travel, and you can even start offering this service, since eliminating the displacement saves you costs and makes it much more profitable.


#1 Virtual whiteboard

A real class needs a whiteboard in which the teacher can present the ideas presented to the students and these have a visual support that helps them not to lose the thread of the class. The CAE videoconference includes virtual whiteboard. All the slides used can be downloaded at the end of the class.


#2 Tracking/Management of your professors

Get direct feedback from your students thanks to the teacher evaluation system. At the end of each class, students will be asked to rate between 1 and 5 stars what they think of the class.

In this way you can track the performance of your teachers and know from class to class which they like most according to their students. Teachers know these scores and can help them improve.


#3 Creating content for classes

The VCR is complemented by a content creation system (or Authoring Tool) that allows you to make information points for online classes. This content serves as a support to the class and as a reference material for the students. In the same way that a teacher prepares a traditional class with its materials, the online ones need an equivalent support.

This tool is intuitive and very easy to use. From the objectives pursued in the class, facilitates the creation of content in a few minutes. In addition, these materials are stored in a repository for future use by you or any other teacher at your center. When created from certain objectives, they are very easy to reuse.

In addition, the CAE content creator allows creating both points for online classes, as well as complete online courses, to whose lessons you can associate your classes with videoconferencing.


#4 File Repository

To save and access all the materials of the online classes. Both those created with the Authoring Tool and those that teachers want to share with their students.


The videoconference facilitates greater flexibility and profitability to the centers that offer this modality of online classes since they can enroll more students (fewer conflicts of schedules) and their professors’ hours are better used. For it to be a success, it is unquestionable that it is necessary to rely on a sector leader such as CAE, with more than 40 years of experience in the e-learning sector advising large training projects of an international nature.


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