Innovation as a Driving Force for Change

This is not the first time for us to talk about Voluxion Pro here. Previously, we explained specific factors that showed its potential. For example, its ability to streamline the comprehensive management of our e-learning projects and to offer students with a unique user experience that guarantees complete language immersion. The conclusion?

Voluxion Pro is the most advanced language learning platform on the market.  It’s a dynamic LMS that is constantly growing – one that easily evolves into a LCMS. In this case, the platform has a new feature geared towards helping with the management of courses in training centers: we’re talking about a new system for the platform to be integrated with the web applications that academies and educational organizations already have set up.

Until now, integration between LMS and proprietary web applications involved a certain degree of complexity. The proprietary applications designed to manage a center’s data had to make a series of calls in order to connect with the LMS through previously-configured credentials. With Voluxion Pro, that process is no longer necessary. If a training center already has a website where it stores, for example, registration data on its students, there is no need to log into the LMS to undertake related tasks like the creation of users, registration, etc.

All these tasks can be undertaken from the training center’s proprietary website, with calls being made through an API (Application Programming Interface – a series of subroutines, functions, and procedures that make up a library to be used by other pieces of software).


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Advantages of the New System for Integrating the Voluxion Pro LMS

 What does this advancement mean for language centers and academies?

#1. Considerable savings in terms of time

Streamlining procedures brings about considerable savings in terms of time. This is especially true when we speak of managerial tasks that must be undertaken, yet they do not add any noticeable value from a learning standpoint.


#2. Profitability

Savings in terms of time always contribute to increased profitability.


#3.Minimizes the risk

Likewise, this new integration scheme minimizes the risk of data processing errors.


#4. Adds value to the training center’s APIs

It likewise adds value to the training center’s APIs – and the teachers and administrative staff are likely to already be familiar with said APIs.


In short, this is a great leap in order for Voluxion Pro’s philosophy (innovation, flexibility, dynamism) to be enacted in terms of the nuances of each training center’s course management.  It seems as though Voluxion Pro will soon surprise us once again.

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