The educational sector, mainly schools, universities and language academies, is becoming more aware of the importance of e-learning and new technology for efficient education as well as integrated management in the 21st century.

CAE, aware of the current needs of the sector and given their experience of more than 35 years in developing education projects, has included new functions of great value and use within their language courses which are can be found within Voluxion (LMS/LMSC/VCR), their specialist platform for education.

Voluxion offers the most complete virtual environment integrating all of CAE technology and capabilities into a single educational solution

The Dexway language courses, the specialist language division of CAE, include two new formats targeted to enable education centres to organise and easily guide the teaching of languages to their students.

  • Weekly format: allows teachers, tutors and those who are responsible for training to assign definite topics for each specific week of the course, allowing the student to plan and order the way they complete the course.
  • Format for topics: allows teachers, tutors and those who are responsible for training to open and close course topics manually in relation to progression.

Both cases allow the students to view or complete activities or topics of week prior to or after the session.

formato semanal clases plataforma educativa voluxion

On the other hand, Voluxion LMS/LCMS or educational platform of CAE  allows the creation and addition of a endless number of activities as supplement to the course.

  • Create manuals and documents with the integrated edition tools.
  • Create interactive tests.
  • Add course documents in Word, PDF or presentations of PowerPoint.
  • Upload local videos or video links from Youtube.
  • Share links from web pages.
  • Create text exercises.
  • Send files.
  • Voice recording.
  • Participation in forums.
  • Creation and participation in surveys.
  • Add contents from the Dexway language course (Vocabulary, grammar, typical situations).

CAE works each day to offer a unique experience, better the usability of their solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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