CAE (Computer Aided E-learning), pioneers in the investigation and development of new educational solutions has launched the platform LCMS (Learning Contents Management System) for the teaching and learning of languages which is the most advanced in the market.  The difference between the traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Voluxion, developed by CAE is it combines the most advanced technology for the teaching of languages with superior functionality and essential systems of communication for the efficient management of any training programme.

Designed for language teaching centres and academies, the educational platform Voluxion includes an innovative application for the creation of interactive contents and test adapted to the needs of the student. The centre can also combine their own material with videos, exercises and level tests developed by their teachers, this along with the ample range of linguistic contents developed by their own specialists in language training.

Voluxion the most advanced LCMS platform for the teaching of languages

“The main advantages of Voluxion is that it is an educational platform with total flexibility being able to adapt to the needs of each language centre, which allows the starting and growth of training in e-learning” commented Jose Barquero, Operations Director for CAE. “We have developed linguistic contents and a unique methodology within the market, fruits of our more than 40 years of research and development in the field of language teaching. It is an educational solution, which can perfectly combine with the curriculum of the centre, along with the materials developed throughout the years, which would suggest an enormous advantage for teachers, having an extensive variety of pedagogical resources for all educational levels and profiles available”.

Advanced technology and methodological contents which make for the most effective teaching and language learning solution.

The advanced methodology developed by CAE allows those who are responsible for training to select between four different methods of instructions, which are scalable in function and need of the teacher in relation to the different profiles of students: Dexway Blended Classroom, Dexway Blended Elearning, Dexway Online and Voluxion Language Academy.

voluxion lcms plataforma educativa cae

What is LCMS?

The LCMS (Learning Contents Management System) is the direct evolution of the LMS (Learning Management System). What differentiates the latter it is that in addition to integrating all the functionality of an LMS allows the creation and content management at different levels, dynamic and interactive way for e-learning, in classroom or mixed (blended learning).

The LCMS is designed principally for the creation of expert courses and incorporating tools for creating educational contents managed by teachers, which allows the meeting of individual specific learning styles. The main advantage of this type of educative platform is the introduction of author tools for the design of contents, but at the same time offering an organisational dimension which has many advantages for training centres with advanced curriculum catalogue and a large number of students.

CAE, specialised in the development of technology solutions for education, has emerged as an international leader in the development of technology and contents online. Dexway, the division specialised in the teaching of languages, has received various awards and recognition within the sector as one of the most advanced and effective language teaching methods.

Advantages of Voluxion:

  • Personalised, accessible and scalable.
  • Integrated platform management.
  • Communication in real time.
  • Format weekly classes.
  • Creation of courses and contents.
  • Creation of tests.
  • Tools for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Integration of material and own resources.
  • Virtual classes.
  • Creation of conversation groups.
  • Student community.

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