Computer Aided ELearning (CAE) continues innovating to offer the best eLearning solutions. We have developed a new visual environment for our LMS Voluxion training platform that provides greater functionality and improves usability as well as a more intuitive and elegant design.


Amongst significant changes:

Menu: located on the left and offers a quick visualization of the main elements. The rollout of the sections through a simple click of your mouse, improves usability on PC and other devices. The page now follows a liquid layout so that a more information can be accessed at the same time.

Heading: shows different elements in different areas according to the section you find yourself in. The intuitive design indicates at all times the journey that you have taken to arrive at the section to allow for easy orientation within the platform.

Direct access: this new environment allows you to easily add or delete shortcuts to the pages or sections that you normally use. This way the navigation will become faster and more functional.

Hide or show the menu: the homepage menu can be shown or hidden manually or automatically. When the menu is hidden, more information will be available on the screen so that you don’t have to use scroll bars.

Saving search parameters for reports: the system remembers the selected parameters for the last report generated through the system so that when you request another report of the same type, the options that you selected originally will show up. In this way, the system allows you to access information of interest in a more practical way.

Once more, CAE, in pursuit of excellence across all of our products has opted for the best in design, usability and functionality in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the management of online training.

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