Digital textbooks are causing a profound transformation in the publishing world. Although they still have a short life, the advantages of digital textbooks are many, and they have already begun to cause a revolution in the field of educational publishing. Why? Well, because this relatively new format has brought with it a new way of presenting the subject matter, receiving work from students as well as organizing the bibliography.

Their presence in publishers is currently causing major business and commercial changes in the education sector. Publishers have to adapt to the new conditions made necessary in order to care for the environment, students are getting used to a more interactive way of learning, and schools are adapting to this new format in order to improve the electronic accessibility of their collections; and thus be able to join this new stage of digital learning that we are living in.

Despite early fears, the truth is that digital education has sparked interest in publishers. Features such as ease of creation and distribution have led some traditional publishers to gradually move over to the new medium. This paradigm shift is due to the fact that many have realized that they cannot keep their businesses alive if they continue with traditional publishing only.

We are facing a major cultural change at present and at CAE we are aware of this fact. That’s why we would like to use this article to explain the advantages that digital textbooks can have for publishers. If you’re still not convinced … Read on!




The main advantages of digital textbooks for publishers

Digital versus traditional publication has been the subject of much discussion in recent times. However, it seems that more and more specialists and educational centers are implementing it. If we analyze both publishing methods, we find that there are more advantages to having a digital publishing platform than working with a traditional publisher. These advantages are listed below.


It facilitates the creation process

The traditional publishing process that springs to mind is of the complete text being typed out and then it proceeding to print. This is now a thing of the past and many publishers already consider this to be a waste of paper and money. Nowadays, many of them have chosen to eliminate this antiquated process and offer electronic educational books, which can be viewed directly on a digital publishing platform.

Thanks to this procedure, HTML interactivities, URLs, videos, minigames, etc. can be added. This allows teachers and students to be stimulated to create a new, improved, educational strategy. In addition, by using digital textbooks, teachers can be given some freedom to add the resources they consider necessary through the educational platform in which they are hosted.


Editing of digital textbooks is possible even after publication

Imagine that you have published a textbook for teaching in the traditional way and, on reviewing it later, you find a typographical error. What are your options? Would you republish an already printed book? This is a really expensive and difficult issue to deal with. In the case of digital books, they can be quickly edited and the error corrected.

You’re probably wondering if it is really that easy to correct a mistake and the answer is yes. E-textbooks are primarily created on cloud-based digital publishing platforms; therefore, it is much easier to keep the content updated or modify a detail in the book. This aspect is a great advantage compared to the printed publication.


Publications are profitable and inexpensive

If you compare the cost of publishing a physical book and a digital book for teaching, you will find a big difference between the two, with the second option being much more profitable. The reason? The digital publication of a book for teaching eliminates many of the familiar processes that must be carried out in traditional publication.

If an institution or student decides to buy a printed book, they will be paying the cost of transportation, printing, publication, distribution, cover design, etc. However, when you buy an e-book, you eliminate many of the costs which are directly related to the physical implementation of the publication. This is the explanation as to why electronic textbooks are much cheaper today than physical, or printed, ones. To access them, all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device and an Internet connection.


Analyzing distribution and sales is easier

A digital textbook allows us to know instantly, and in real time, how many users have accessed it. Nowadays, with the help of analytics, you can track and receive accurate data on usage immediately. Thanks to new technologies, you will be able to plan sales strategies for digital textbooks for teaching and revise them when necessary.


Digital textbooks allow you to be more environmentally friendly

Digital textbooks for teaching are respectful of the environment because the waste of paper involved in printing is avoided. Digital publication does not require the use of paper, so if schools opted for this electronic book model, the felling of many trees would be avoided. The use of digital textbooks is already an example of how we can contribute to improving our planet.

These are some of the advantages of digital textbooks for publishers. The educational digital publishing model enables the creation of attractive, interactive, low-cost, and broad-reaching e-books for students.


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